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  • MSF course

    Just finished my last day of the MSF course. Passed the skills test and only missed 1 point!!! So friggin stoked! Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is probably the best class anyone can take regardless of how long you've been riding. I am relativley new to riding, and I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned over the last couple weeks. One of my instructors had been riding for 10 years before he finally took the class. He said that he was sorry for not taking it sooner since he found out he had been riding incorrectly for the past decade! Nicest people around. Mad props to all the RiderCoaches out there. I'm thinking of becoming one myself after this. Please....if there is one thing you do this year, TAKE THIS COURSE. It is fairly inexpensive and it could save your life!
    You ever take that off any sweet jumps?

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    Congrats !! : The MSF is the best thing for new riders and riders of all experience levels. It never hurts to have a refresher every couple years.. the advanced class is great too !


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      I took the MSF course a couple years back, it was awesome! I also learned a few things that I've taken with me on the road.

      Good job on the road test ... by the way (and I definately DO mean to brag here) I missed zero on my road test ... that's right I got 100% on it!! AND I was the ONLY person in the class to do so.


      Okay, I'm done bragging now
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        Just signed up for mine and am pretty stoked about it. Trying to take the course before i ride too much. Had bike for two months and have put a grand total of 140 miles on her.. im dyin here