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  • Feeling stupid

    I've been a motorcyclist for 8+ years now. But in Latin America (where the labor is so cheep) you let the mechanics do their job while you drink some coffe. Two hours later your bike its fully serviced for some $15.- (parts & coffe included) and you dont need to ask what they did to your bike: its running, so its ok.

    But with a $65.- an hour rate you think twice before taking your bike to the Suzuki dealer for something so easy as an oil change, don't you?
    That's what I though this morning, so I went to buy some Oil & filter and got ready to spend "an hour or so" in my Kat (my first full faired bike).

    Then the nightmare started. Two hours later I got back to the dealer for help: the screw from the lower fairing was broken, so i needed a special tool to get the thing out. They did it at no charge and I got back home.

    It was 4:00 pm when I realized that I needed the Suzuki wrench to get the filter out (remember, the bike was garaged for 5 years or so). Back to the dealer again.

    By 6:00 pm the job was done. My back & shoulder hurts like hell and I couldn't ride the bike the whole day. Just because I wanted to do things my way.

    I just hope, whith all the lessons learned today, the 4,000 miles service won't take more than two weeks.

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    next time it will go a lot smoother, and you'll always feel better having done it yourself.


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      Yeah dude , that's rough . Basic oil change SHOULD take not even 1 hour . More like a half hour ! How was the screw "broken" ?
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        they get easier with time. I never did an oil change to save money...I did it because I love the satisfaction of completing the job. Triumphs service will have to be done at the dealer...warentee (2 years)


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          That's a nice looking paint job on your Kat, stands out from the pack.

          Your best bet is to go get a service manual for your bike if you haven't already. It'll give you step by step instruction with the tools you will need listed.

          It a great feeling to beable to do your own work on your bike. YOu save a bit of oney on the oil changes, but things like vavle adjustments you save a lot!!.


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            yea everything mechanical is hard the first time even an oil change cuz things arent set up how you like it the dran pulg is too tight the filter is too tight you have the wrong filter drop the plug in the oil lol hte list goes on just do it your slef next time get good at it and then start a lil part time oil change business ...and you can have the dealership do all your work after that


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              It gets easier. Just sounds like you did not have all the right tools to begin with. Next time you will though, and you will breeze through it.
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                Everybody has to go thru it once, so you know what to expect the next time...just be glad you found that broken bolt now, before it got any worse!

                and if you get that filter wrench, you'll be good to go the next time. Just be careful how far you torque that oil drain plug back on.!


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                  I remember replacing the brake pads on my MR2 for the first time..
                  It took 2.5 hours to do the first one, 45 minutes total for the other three..

                  The second time around I did all 4 during my lunch hour and replaced the front rotors as well..


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                    Like everyone else has said, it gets easier. The first time is when you discover what tools you need, what parts have to be removed and what parts don't, the tricks to removing some of those parts, etc. Give it another try at least two more times before you decide it's not your thing.


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                      You may not need to take any plastic off to change your oil. I don't on my Pre-98 750, but I don't know about the 600.

                      It does get easier each time. And it is done right.
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                        I do my service now after dealing with idiots at the dealerships... I must say there is some satisfaction in doing it yourself but when you do it yourself it is done right and you know what has been done to it. So if it messes up there is only one way to point the finger.

                        I know i got a certain satisfaction when i rebuilt the engine in my car myself. Especially when I had mechanics say that the engine was "tight" and would like to know who built it so well. All you can do it sit and smile and say "I did"
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                          Now that I have all the right tools, looks like next time will be waaaaay easier. But thanks for the tips.


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                            same goes with mods too..once you fool around with doing them, you're alot more prepared to share your advice and do it right the first time when do more .


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                              Venice? Duuuuude lets ride sometime!