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New pics of the Kat

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  • New pics of the Kat

    I think I may be closing in on having my Katana close to the vision in my head of what I wanted it to be. In the almost 5 years I have owned it, I have seen it fall off the side stand four times, my son also dropped it once while I was picking up my Bandit. (He called me to let me cool down on the way home! Poor kid!) I have slid it down the road after getting caught in a snow storm, went down once at 3 MPH when the front washed out in some mud on the road, and put it into a ditch at over 80 MPH due to a leaking fork seal which technicaly totaled the bike with frame damage. It has carried me through 250 miles of a hurricane without missing a beat, got me home through flooding in New Orleans, and carried me to a succesful first Iron Butt ride, a Saddle Sore 1000, in 14 hours. She showed me what a serious 135 MPH head shake is like which scared me into wearing safety gear when I ride. She is the only street bike I have ever owned, out of many, touch the ground, and I cannot explain why that is, but she never stops. She currently has just under 41,000 miles on her and had only 3,300 when I bought her.

    I have brought her back to pristine condition after every stupid incident and I can't even begin to add up the hours I have put into this bike with paint work, polishing, carbs, engine, brakes, and God knows what else. I have gone through at least 4 wind screens, multiple mirrors, two left tail fairings, a left upper and lower and a right lower. My wife thinks I am nutz to keep working on it and wonders if it will ever end. This bike taught me to how to ride fast to the point that I was over riding the bike's capabilities and I will never sell it!

    Only thing left that I can think of is to install my other swing arm, hugger, and the Gixxer slingshot 750 motor. After that, who knows where it will end!

    List of mods that I can remember! ALL were done by me personaly, including the paint work and decal design.
    Stainless braided 2 line brake lines
    EBC HH pads
    R-6 chrome bar ends
    Pro Grip Gel grips
    Custom Sergeant seat
    Custom paint. Porsche Guards Red with Dark Opal and Platinum Checkers
    Zero Gravity ST smoke shield
    Suzuki Katana tank bra
    LED warning lights on instrument panel
    Digital clock/volt meter/temp guage added to cluster
    Custom fender eliminator
    Carbon look short stalk signals in the rear
    Irridescent flush mount signals in front
    K&N filter
    Custom designed stage 1 carb set up
    Vance & Hines SS2R exhaust (750 system) Previously had a Yosh system
    Progressive fork springs w/10 weight oil
    Suzuki Bandit rear shock (also have Gix 750 shock for one-up Deals Gap rides)
    Polished clutch and brake levers
    Polished triple tree top
    Polished grab bar
    Polished 99 Katana wheels with center ridge removed for wider look
    Polished fork lowers
    MSgt, USMC (Retired)

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    When is February KOTM nominations? Cause I'm nominating yours

    GO PRE 98s

    Awesome work!! 8)


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      yours and Highsight's are the best looking pre 98s i've seen, great work.


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        And the Raiders suck. ( )


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          Nice, very nice!
          -89 Gixxer 1100 Engine
          -Stage 3 Jet Kit / KNN Pod Filters
          -Ohlins Susupension
          -Various Other Mods


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            looks sweet

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              Great Great's so cool to see your handywork at its best and on display!


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                I've always loved your bike.
                Suzuki Katana: The best underated motersicle in da woild


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                  Bike still looking great 1st Sgt. I have another swing arm going on my bike too. It might be chromed it might be painted who knows. How do you like your Triple tree being polished? I have one wanting to be chromed or whatever and just wandering how is the glare from yours?


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                    Triple tree? It does not bother me, but I am tired of the keys scratching it up all the time. I ordered a sheet of 1.5mm carbon fiber and will be covering the top of the tree up with that on both the Kat and the Bandit.

                    I too debated about chroming the arm, but since the wheels are polished and not chrome, I figured I would be better off just painting it the same color as the platinum checkers. I have left over paint, so it'll match up.
                    MSgt, USMC (Retired)


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                      Still a beauty, probably more than ever because of the time you have out into her.

                      Way to go Ron.
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