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When you're restoring a 90 GSX600 and everything happens

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  • When you're restoring a 90 GSX600 and everything happens

    So recently I got my hands on a 1990 GSX600f. Which was awesome because I quite like the look of an older kat, and same year I was born! Has I believe 26000 miles on it or so? The frame was in pretty decent condition, but the fairings were stripped off it completely, a cheaply made front light was put on, the wiring harness is a mess and is completely ripped to shreads, the carbs were really bad, the paint job on the gas tank and rear fender are awful, the petcock leaked gas, needed a new rear tire, the horn relay was shot(probably due to the wire harness shenanigans) and the frame and a number of parts on it needed to be cleaned up big time.

    So what I did.
    -Carbs were jetted
    -Ordered a speedometer off a junked 600
    -Replaced the petcock
    -Replaced the tire
    -Checked the brakes and the brakes were actually newish...
    -In the mean time installed my own horn relay
    -Changed the oil and brake fluid
    -Cleaned off the frame and parts a little

    So really all I had to do left is get some new fairings put on it, and a better looking headlight casing.

    But then disaster struck...

    Was out grabbing a few small parts for my car today and while I was in the store some kids thought it would be cool to sit on my bike. Well I saw them when I came out, and they ran but when one of them jumped off the bike it dropped. Now my left start gear casing is cracked!

    Here's what I call the winking duck in its present form btw.

    And here is the cracked starter gear cover.

    But it is a WIP. Found a replacement cover and gasket already, and hoping to continue the project!