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Lean, mean, green machine!

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  • Lean, mean, green machine!

    Here is my 2006 600 with 12,7xx miles. This is the first bike with more than one carb I've ever worked on. Just got the bike finished a couple of weeks ago. I picked her up two weeks before Christmas barely running. Bike was running when I got to my friends place. Idle'd at 1.5k, and would not run without the choke, also wouldn't rev up above 3k without choke. Would not start at my place after letting it sit for 2 hours, was only a 5 min ride home.

    Got her home and noticed the idle adjustment cable was off, and so the project began. Quick summary was I replaced the petcock, it was faulty. Cleaned carbs in chem dip for 48 hours on each bank. Installed K&L Carb rebuild kits, Factory Pro Jet Kit, and sold the K&N air filter for the OEM one.

    After many trial/error sessions. Did I say many!, and a 1 mile walk home with the bike I finally conquered this beast.

    Pics and part list is below, more was bought than just what's below, but that's the major stuff. Want to thank this forum and it's members for their tremendous amount of help.

    YouTube video below showing idle and throttle response.

    New Continental Contimotion tires
    New JT X-Ring Chain, and JT Sprockets(front and rear new).

    NewVacuum sync port caps

    Factory Pro Jet Kit

    K&L Carb Rebuild Kit installed

    Delkivic Slip on exhaust

    Duralast Gold AGM battery

    New fuel line

    OEM air filter.

    New K&L Petcock

    Mobil 1 4T Oil, and K&N filter.

    Center stand installed.

    Aftermarket Bar ends

    Fender eliminator

    NGK Spark Plugs

    Aftermarket rear turn signals.
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    An 06 with 12K miles that poor bike has been abused . I've done over 12K on a good year lol.

    Congrats on getting her in running order again .


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      Yeah, the tires on previously were from 2008. So I'm guessing mostly everything else was around that old as well. Chain was completely shot, neglectful PO's.

      Thanks Woobie!


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        I certainly like the looks of it!

        "A knight proves his worthiness by his deeds."


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          Thanks Zuma! I'm pretty happy with it too


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            love the color. you did some good work to revive her.