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Katana (Hayabusa/Ducati) walk through

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  • Katana (Hayabusa/Ducati) walk through

    Heres the video link enjoy!

    Im selling the bike on ebay if anybody is interested full pics of all the bike
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    i like the semi auto pop trunk and the 999r headlights but otherwise is seems bling-ish to me. to each their own i guess.
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      Yeah I know what you mean it is mostly a show bike I have 750GSXR for the fun stuff. The shop guys just wanted to reshape and remold it, but for the most part it is a nice bike and they truly out did themselves.

      the trunk popper system runs around 50 bucks by the way!!!


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        Yeah, I remember you posting this up before. Wasn't you suppose to do a write up? Then you disappeared. Oh well.
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          I remember seeing some pics of this before on here.

          It is truly bad a$$.

          Modded to the max.

          I like the custom front end. And the pop trunk.
          I cringed when you set the seat cowl on the concrete. Be gentle those aren't cheap. Grass is softer.
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