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Time for new tires!!! 56K Aware!

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  • Time for new tires!!! 56K Aware!

    After 21259 km, itīs time to replace them!! Wow, Iīm really happy with the Bridgestone, the BT010 front/BT020 rar combo.
    But I noticed that fron tire was really bad, a few cracks appear in the right, and one of them was really ugly:

    All the right side of the tire had cracks, not so big as the last one...

    Rear tire was dead too, but still had rubber!:

    Since I have my spare rims with the crappy brand nem Macadams on them, I decided to replace... but first, my bi-annual burnout session!!

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    Wow, they look dangerous!
    R.I.P. Marc (CyberPoet)


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      A friend and me go to a virtual desert road, next to a military shooting zone, the rolling burn out started!:

      And bam!!, the police appeared!! That road hasn traffic, so they where gentle with us (didnt stop or talk to us):

      Since I didnt this stuff in near two years, I think I did a great job!

      A long rubber line was left there!.



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        A few mini wheelies, I felt a super stunt man,

        First gear, low speed, no problem:

        I tried a donut:

        But I failed!



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          So, I decide it was time to finalize it!:

          A lot of rubber there:

          But tire still has a few more!

          Thats all, after all the burn out action, I decided that I wasn able to destroy it (not at least without destroy my clutch first, lol ), so I put the stoneMacadams...


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            Originally posted by slow50
            I would have done the same thing man, nice pics too. I really like the graphics on the fairings on your bike, do you know where I can get a set of those?
            Thanks, itīs the stock 1990 spanish colur scheme! , with a "few" scrapes, cracks...


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              Looks like someone was having fun!!!!!!!!
              That is a great looking Kat you have!!!!

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                did it pop? LOL
                I am going to do the samething soon. what a squid LOL
                those pre98 750 run great don't they? hell yes!!
                those roll on burnout's are tough if you don't lean forward.
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                  You crazy Spaniard!!

                  Great shots Mas!


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                    Well it just so happens that I had to replace the tires this week also. So before the tires came off....might as well have some fun:

                    Info for the Ottawa Motorcycle Course



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                      Great pics!! and yeah,I'd say its time to replace that rubber!!! and I thought mine was bad!!


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                        this is how your suppose to do it


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                          Thats what I'm talking about!

                          I put new tires on yesterday, but didn't burnout because I was in a hurry to get them on, cuz I also had to switch out the rear shock, and I wanted to go riding.
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                            Originally posted by sinfulkat
                            this is how your suppose to do it
                            LOL!! That is exactly what I want to do, but no way, Bridgestone are stones!!


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                              Great pics boys! You're too funny
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