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  • Char's Dreambike

    I was just surfin the net and came across this! OMG! This is my dream bike. I won't be ready for a Gix for a loooong time. *Sighs* BUT one can dream! And as long as there is a knee dragger coincided with it....*trails off*


    I'm a whole lotta woman, but a whole lotta fun!

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    That sure is a Sweet looking bike!!! I can almost picture you riding it now....

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      I like your style Char! Purple just happens to be my favorite color. From what I've read, you're making all kinds of progress ... Keep up the good work.
      ~ Lisa
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      2005 CBR 600RR Track Toy "Frank"

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        When I saw that bike...WOW! I had to post it up...Not to mention that I had to save the pic on my computer.

        I've always wanted a purple bike.

        I'm a whole lotta woman, but a whole lotta fun!


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          You should make your husband bye you one. And me one too while your at it... Except I'll take a busa.
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            Whats your thoughts about this one Char?

            93 GSXF6 PIX.

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              Yeah charliel, thats all you girl !!


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                STFU MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                That bike is F*in UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Like I said in the other post...Looks like someone was having a really bad "trip"!! At least the bike I picked was NORMAL looking.

                And Lou, the hubby would have no problem with getting a me a bike like that. Of course with the stipulation that I sell my Kat and have like 3+ years of riding experience. Oh and you're on your own with the Busa, Lou Darling! Either that, I win the lottery and Busa'a for everyone

                I'm a whole lotta woman, but a whole lotta fun!


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                  WOW DUDE! that is freakin crazy, oh, the trails!
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                  Who knows what is next?
                  Builder of the KOTM Mreedohio september winning chrome project. I consider this one to be one of my bikes also!
                  Please look at this build!