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Rash (warning: pictures)

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  • Rash (warning: pictures)

    Well, got caught squidding in the parking lot at work yesterday during lunch... on a pocket bike :P

    The little *******s are damn squirrely, and I made the mistake of letting go of one handlebar to look at a scratch on my hand. Now I have much more to look at:

    I forgot to put my gloves on, just hopped and rode around the lot. I will be getting a jacket soon though.

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    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
    RIP Marc


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      Owned by a pocket bike; that sucks dude. Always wear your gear!


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        On a pocket bike? Who would've thought? Hope you get better soon.


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          I wiped out on my daughters 110 quad and still feel the effects. Tried to flip the choke off on the move and hit the bars with my arm on the way up. wheels tucked to the right and I pulled a 20mph stoppie! I feel your Pain Bro! heal well my friend!
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          stop by the garage for a better look!


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            damn on a pocket bike!!!


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              If you've never rode a pocket bike, they're surprisingly difficult to keep steady. The moment I let go of one handlebar, it headshaked and tossed me over the handlebars. Because of the yogic leg position while riding, my legs caught the bike and I flipped it over as well as myself -- scratched the tail fairing, but fortunately I had left the lower fairing at home.

              My friend took this pic with his camera phone after I rode back to where they were. You can see how small these things are:


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                I bought one a few years back for my son as a project. Since it wasn't hard enough to ride the way it was I stripped it down completely. Pulled all the plastics off, zipped the frame tabs off, and chucked all the extras like speedo, battery, electric starter, key, etc. Went back through and replaced all the bearings, brakes, chains, and clutch pads.

                Up carb'd it, chambered it, keyed it, exhaust ported it, and then head swapped it for more CC + higher compression. Since I cut the key+battery+electric start out, I just wired a simple kill switch in.

                Now it's to dangerous to let my son actually ride. Probably does 45mph but feels like 80. (no speedo)

                With the plastic off and the tabs cut off the frame you really have to watch it or you can turn the wheel over hard enough to pitch yourself.


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                  Damn, I got chills looking at that, and that ain't that bad!

                  Originally posted by jetmerritt
                  Save up for great gear and dress for the fall before you ride. If you can't afford good quality gear, don't ride. It's like saying you can't afford seat belts for your car. There are just no laws to make gear mandatory.


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                    pavement is pavement ... weather you get kick off a pocket bike or even a bicycle ... doesn't take much speed to mess with your skin !!!
                    Try and keep up now


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                      my nephews have a pair of them
                      I have fixed them for them but walk away when it comes to riding the little suckers
                      Blood , its in you to give!


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                        Crap Happens ... sorry dude
                        The people who think they know everything always mess it up for those of us who do .....



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                          Those are nice ones.

                          Yea a fall can happen anytime on anything. I was showing off on a CT90 one time and almost broke my neck heh
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                            Originally posted by Sky View Post
                            pavement is pavement ... weather you get kick off a pocket bike or even a bicycle ... doesn't take much speed to mess with your skin !!!
                            Nice pocket bike,like the mods.....ride safe man!!


                            Genesis 9:6
                            Whosoever sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed......RIP Daniel A. Mguire,you'll always be in my heart brother.


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                              Originally posted by STRAT-4 View Post
                              damn on a pocket bike!!!
                              doesnt matter how small they are. those things can go above 35mph. thats fast enough to do a lot of damage.
                              Ride like there's no tomorrow!!! You never know when your going to run out of "tomorrows"!!!
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