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Before and After Pics of my Kat

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  • Before and After Pics of my Kat

    My brother is now a family man and no longer rides his kat. We were talking over xbox live one day about what he was going to do with it, and to make a long story short, he offered to just GIVE it to me! I just had to pay to get it shipped from CO to PA. Ended up paying $700 for shipping, not too bad.

    Its a 2000 and the guy my brother bought it off of, had it painted this pearl white metallic color. I didn't mind the color but I always thought it was a little plain. Over the past two months I made some changes and wanted to see what you guys thought. Please be honest and tell me if you liked it before or after the changes. Don't worry, you won't offend me if you don't like it, haha.

    Here's the bike before I went all Fast and Furious on it, haha...

    The first thing I changed was the lower faring. Painted it white so I could add the graphics shown in the next pics.

    Then I bought a graphic decal set from Big City Images ($60). And added some wheel tape and mathching Suzuki gas tank decal.

    The wind screen was this terrible "white frost" color, so I painted it flat black to match the side view mirrors.

    And my favorite mod is the seat! It came out great (IMO) and looks and feels like vynl! For the people who say you can't paint a seat and have it come out right, they're wrong!

    Let the critizism begin, haha. What do you guys think about my changes?

    Crap! This is the first time at attempting to post pics. Try these links to Image Shack...

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    Pictures no worky
    -2000 "750"


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      Good deal, Congrats. As far as the customization... Thumbs up! Way to make it personal. Stick around... You'll be a modding fool, soon. Hahaha.

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        Looks Good!
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          : sorry I though I seen a Mod Bug on ya


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            Maybe you can get some sponsorship from Nike ...

            j/k Nice looking bike.
            2002 GSXF 750


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              i like the white, but not the strips, but that just my opinion. Still a nice bike though and a great deal.
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                Haha, yea there are a lot of "swooshes" on there! If I get tired of all the stripes, they are very easy to take off. I may end up painting it next summer but for now I like it better than plain white. Thanks for all your opinions!


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                  I like the stripes, looks sharp. Nice work!

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                    Looks pretty sick wih the decals!!Nice touch!!


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                      I'm not usually a fan of stripes like that, but I think it is definitely pulling it off.
                      -2000 "750"


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                        looks good!


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                          nice job - i like the green suzuki on the tank


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                            looks pretty sharp. i've always been a fan of white bikes. i think the stripes are pretty cool, just not sure i would've used blue ones. the lime green kinda throws me off. but all in all it's a pretty good lookin bike. and always a +1 for making it personalized.
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                              Wow that must have taken a lot of work. It looks great. I think you should contemplate making your blinker cover clear. I think it would really improve your bike.