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Kapscomoto camera mount test

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  • Kapscomoto camera mount test


    its not a bad setup, but i need to pick up a few spacers to bring the height up, so theres a little less dash in the frame, its a little heavy,solid,and you want to be careful not to drop it on your tank,im pretty sure it would leave a mark
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    Yea, I agree. A little higher would be nice. Good Quality video though.


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      does it mount on the gas cap ring? Oh, and I would not want to wipe out on that road, all those trees look mighty hard...

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        Originally posted by Trackerrrr View Post
        ....Oh, and I would not want to wipe out on that road, all those trees look mighty hard...

        I also agree that it needs to come up more...maybe even a little closer to the front too to help tuck it in to the windscreen to maybe kill some of the wind sound so more engine can be heard.

        Nice road tho....Looks like fun!


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          Kapscomoto on ebay will give you more details, it does mount to the tank. just need to pick up 2 nylon spacers and longer allen bolts to get the height. I undersand what your saying about trees, but it comes with the territory,just like cagers,telephone poles,guardrail,etc.. all i can say is ride within your limits


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            That look great, I`ve been trying to video, making my own mount with no luck. I get to much viberation, and road bump ,but for is wind noise a little elect. tape works good.


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              good quality! just bring it up a bit.
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