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Heres a pic of my gs/kat

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  • Heres a pic of my gs/kat

    This is a little project that ive been working on for a bit. I got the bike last summer and ripped some of it apart this winter for a litle fun work time.

    List of mods do to it.

    Flushmount front signals on the front altho they where put on after this pic was takin.
    RK Race chain 112 link
    JT Sprockets front and rear down 2 on the front up 6 on the rear
    Kat 750 rear shock
    Kat post rear wheel swap
    Shinko 120/60-17 front
    Shinko 160/60-17 rear
    Redid graphics on it
    K&N drop in filter
    Painted and polished the wheels myself
    Pro-grip gel grips and tank protector
    So what do you think

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    RIP MARC......Ride on in Heaven Brother!
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      not that an 08? How does that gearing work for you?
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        its an 05. i love the gearing it really got rid of the doggyness off the line. I cruise at about 6500 rpms at about 60 now but no downshifting the little 500 to pass a car now twist and wave good and i love the tires i would say to date best thing i have done to the gs.


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, white and blue. it looks so....ummm....american. I always found that to be a bit strange for a jap bike.

          other than that, looks good. :
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            lol...yeah that wasnt really what i was going for. I want to repaint the bike whenever i get done with all the rest of my project builds. When that happens the whole bike will be suzuki blue.


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              looks good like your wheels


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                looking good. I would clean up the stickers a little tho... bit too "busy"
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                  The bike's really looking good, Josh. Don't listen to Jason, though. If I could get some sponsor $$ from Amsoil, K&N, and RK, I'd advertise for them, too.


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                    My best friend had a GS500... an '04. He used to try everything to get that thing to wheelie and it never did. He changed the gearing and it was able to lift the front wheel a few inches but never for long.

                    Once he popped the clutch at 5000 RPM and pulled one of the chain adjusters right into the swingarm.
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                      Originally posted by Mojoe View Post
            , white and blue. it looks so....ummm....american. I always found that to be a bit strange for a jap bike.

                      other than that, looks good. :
                      Hey...My Yosh says "USA" right on it.


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                        nice gs, i like the look of it. are there any bigger engines that fit these newer gs frames like the capabilty the kat frames have. if so possible future project build
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                          Thanks everyone Ive spent a little time working on my little gs. I have more bike but this one is my baby. It was a wedding gift from my wife. Oh motor swap possibilitys ive heard that an old school GR650 motor is almost identical to the gs500 motor and is as close to a direct swap as you can get. Now i wouldnt do it to my bike but if i came accross one with a smoked motor for cheap i would consider doing a swap.

                          I also have an 88 honda VTR250 sweet little bike i build for my wife. Then i have my newest project build my 95 kat 6 frame with 98 600 motor swapped into it. And if this build goes good i have another 95 kat 6 frame sitting under my work bench and almost enough parts to make it a roller .


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                            I really like what you've done to the bike..........nice job
                            This "Phat Chick" rides her own!!!
                            BTW, I think they may have been correct. It does appear that BLACK is indeed the FASTEST color. R.O.R...R.I.P.M

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                              very clean ...looks nice great job!
                              The newest addition to the Family!
                              stop by the garage for a better look!