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What a bunch of squids

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  • What a bunch of squids

    these guys give all bikers a bad name

    [ame=""]YouTube - Motorcycle Street Racing & Stunts - Fox News[/ame]


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    looks like fun


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      Looks like a pretty safe area to ride with some speed. I dont see any real harm in this and its a social gathering as well. the guys stunting should tone it down. A little speed and harm


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        Um ........ No . It's a public place . I mean , I don't mind someone speeding a little (10 over or so but not 50 over ) , or even stunting a little in the right environment . But you get crowds like THAT , and "bad things" are BOUND to happen . And I have a hard time believing some of them would ACTUALLY think it's their right , as the reporter claims . No , it's a PRIVILEGE to even be ALLOWED to ride in the first place . And in my experience , even if you're doing something slightly illegal , as long as you ain't blatantly flouting the law or being an *** , many cops are ok with it . I've had a couple minor speeding violations overlooked by cops realizing I WAS being fairly responsible about my chosen time/place .
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          I have to agree with airforceranger49 and md86!
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            md86 you got it right. they need to find a better place


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              Mixed feelings about this one... looks like fun but still gotta be safe.
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                Bunch of idiots. It's all worth it for the look on thier faces, that last kid said. Daddy didnt show that kid enough attention as a child.

                Doing that crap out on a public roadway, with traffic, is extraordonarily stupid. If they had a private, off the street area to do it, I'd say good on them, but they dont.

                They are why we not only pay higher insurance rates, but why LEOs profile the vast majority of us as trouble waiting to happen.

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                  Gee wonder why bike insurance is so high. You know this crap really pizzes me off. More of the law don't apply to us mentallity or I'll do what I want crap. Those kids need their pa's to lay an old fashion wooping on them to brighten them up some. I say break out the fire trucks and hose the buggers off the street. If that fails to work there are always tazers and rubber bullets. Those people aren't bikers, they are hooligans that ride bikes. If between them all, they had two brain cells to rub together, they would organize thier fun somewhere away from public roads and places.
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                    If I'm seeing auto headlights coming the opposite direction and passing by the bikers while they're pulling stunts, that is NOT a 'safe' place. We catch enough heat for riding these high-performance bikes. This is why I get followed by cops when I'm out riding. You can bet an irate minivan driver was on his cell phone tipping off authorities within minutes. Find a parking lot at an abandoned warehouse, hit the raceway or get the f outta dodge to the middle of nowhere if you need to satisfy your need for stunting.
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                      I agree with the adults.. This is NFG. They are not just risking their own necks. The jerk with the suspended license? Still out there? Any biker who doesn't think all those fools need their bikes taken away are hypocritical children..

                      That having been said, if the problem is that big, and there are that many squids in Houston then they (Houston PD, or city council) needs to open up an industrial park or little airport for these guys to kill them selves away from innocent by standers.
                      But then the little miscreants probably wouldn't use it because then it's legal, and they wouldn't look like bad asses.


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                        Street racing is a HUGE thing in Houston, all over the city. I have a drag car that I used to bring to the track there. However, I know many people that race full blown drag cars on the street. Many of the fastest cars in the country are in Houston. Street legal cars that run 8s and 9s in the 1/4 mile.

                        The RankinRoad thing that flashed up on the screen is a huge drag racing spot. The drag cars race in industrial park areas and deserted side roads with no houses or anything. They also block off both ends of the road. There will be racing all night long with hundreds of people and cars, racing for lots of money and even pink slips. It is so big that guys come from all over the country to street race their cars here for money.

                        Hotrods and sport bikes are very big there. The cops can't stop the street racing or stunting there, it is everywhere and all over the city. They will move from one spot to another and stay out all night doing it.
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                          There is a pre kat at 1:36 i believe


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                            I seen a post too near the end of the vid.
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                              Originally posted by streebs93 View Post
                              There is a pre kat at 1:36 i believe
                              Impossible. Everyone knows a Kat can't wheelie.
                              =USAF= Retired

                              "If you can be convinced of an absurdity, you can be made to commit an atrocity." -Voltaire