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My baby's back and ready to ride!!!!

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  • My baby's back and ready to ride!!!!

    Bought this bike start of winter and tore it down! Decided I didn't like the color or the fairing chop job. Spent lots of time and little money on it but I'm pleased with how she turned out so far.
    Rear brake lever and shifter lever are getting powder coated Gold, as soon as I can get some more powder in.The swing arm and fork lowers are going gloss black once I get in some ride time. I'll just buy a used swing arm and have it done to keep down time to a minimum. This is how she looked the day I brought her home.....

    And this is after all the hard work and 3+ months later....

    So what do you guys think?
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    That looks sweet man, much much better.

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      bravo! what solo cowl is that?
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        Excellent Job ~

        All you want to know is right here ~


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          Okay I have to admit that the kawasaki green was lookin goodbut That fast color black with gold wheels and accents got me thinkin bout doing the same
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            looks great!! i liked the green..but its your bike not mine! lol it looks awesome tho!
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              i like both, but love the green (kawi green)
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                any thing other than Kawi green will look good
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                  Originally posted by mreedohio View Post
                  bravo! what solo cowl is that?
                  Custom made solo cowl. Fiberglass and it has a metal spike to clip in the back and a metal bracket that bolts down the front. "VERY SOLID" and I love how it sits flush with the rear seat.

                  I kind of liked the green and black, but in person... the green has chips and some color fading issues, I just decided I wanted it all black. When we painted it we blew the green off with a air hose!!!

                  The pictures don't do it any justice either.
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                    Looks good. I did like the green. Reminds me of the Mopars. The idea The PO had with cutting the fairings was in the right direction.The solo cowl looks great. It is styled after the Boulevard 109's. That's the style cowl that I had in mind for my pre. A full bolt on cowl. Not a cover over. And actually streamlined with the tank.


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                      Much better! I like the black. Nice job........


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                          Much better than the green!

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                            Awesome job. Kawi green looks good... on a Kawi. On a Suzuki, its sacrilege. Black is best.


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                              Looks sharp.
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