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  • Help with posting pics

    Hi! I'm getting ready to paint my bike within the next month and I'd like to post before and after pics. Can someone help me with the technical aspects of this? I have pics of my bike, but they're too big. I do have a digital camera, so I can take more if necessary. Thanks!

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    You need to resize them.. you can use a program liek photoshop or gimp? to do it.. gimp is free i believe you can do a search in google for "range" and you should see it.
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      actually its if u really wanna know.. its a bit tricky to download because you have to download the environment first, then the program itself.

      If you need someone to resize them for you, just drop me an email.


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        Thanks, Matt. I talked to my husband and he says I should be able to use Irfan View also. Just haven't downloaded it yet on this computer.