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Saw my Doctor Today,Guess What...? (PIC)

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  • Saw my Doctor Today,Guess What...? (PIC)

    So i went to see my Doctor Today For My Broken Thumb,i have good news and Bad News...Well let's start with the Good news....

    he is confident that i will regain my Thumb in full But....there it is...i have to wear a Contraption almost all the time...i mean it's almost ridiculous...i went this afternoon to have it made on my right hand thumb....

    check this out

    So i have to wear this thing ,the girl that made it Crazy Glued that little hook on my Thumbnail and i have to install it and use it for an hour and remove it,then do some thumb streching....

    i will have to see her ounce a week and will also have to do some Physio Therapy 3 times a week...and before i forget...did i mention that I'm still off work until the 30 th Of November....

    man this year i haven't worked much,at lease since May....

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    Oh! I'm glad that is crazy glued...I was thinking it was stuck right in there OWWW!
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      Cool your own bow for some small arrows. Paper clips would work great. And really hurt when your hit.

      At least it's the cold season Beau. You'll be good as new for next summer.
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        Yikes Beau, glad the prognosis is good though
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          That's some health care system you guys have up there. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like that before. Hope you're back to normal soon, bro.
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            i think i have to explain further why i have this Thumb will not bend anymore.... the tendon have been badly Bruise and will not go all the way ....this is to train my tendon to work what can i say...i need to follow the Doctor advice....


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              Hey maybe they can crazy glue a throttlerocker on there too for next spring!

              Heal up quick bud.


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                Look out, here comes Bionic Beau.


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                  Glad its good news man!
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                    wow beau!! good vibes out to ya for a fast recovery..u'll be doing backflips in no time!


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                      Work it man, just work it. You need that opposible digit to keep you from de-evolving to downward to being a permanent cage-driver

                      Glad to hear you're healing well.

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                        Best of luck to you, heal fast and get back on the bike asap


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                          Hope ya get it movin again soon there Beau
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                            Wow, thats a crazy little contraption there beau. Can't say that I've ever seen anything like it before. Well, hope you heal up quick! At least its getting to be too cold to ride so you have all winter to get it healed up before next spring.

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                              ouch...looks like it hurts.

                              It's strange though. Must be some weird damage bacause when I had my head on with a drunk in 1990, my thumb was was broke to chit...practically just hanging there. They just stuck it in a cast for 4 months. It gives me problems today. It doesn't function normal and sometimes I have a hell of a time to even light a bic lighter with it.

                              hope that isn't the hand you masterbate with. Be a shame to see another post where they had to put a contraption like that on your manhood because you injured yourself due to lack of coordination...hehe.

                              Seriously what the doctor tells ya. Unless you spend most of your life with your thumb up your azz, it is surprising how much you depend on it.
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