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Range and Junior - Tour Guides Extraordinaire *TON O' PICS*

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  • Range and Junior - Tour Guides Extraordinaire *TON O' PICS*

    It was a beautiful day in our nations capital so Range and I decided to explore this great city we call home.

    I will warn you all now... spring, summer and autumn are my favorite months to shoot pics... so be prepared.

    EPISODE I - The Beginning

    Went for a walk along the infamous Rideau Canal. The waterway runs straight through Ottawa. During the winter it is the longest skating rink in the world. Our annual Winterlude festival is held on this very canal during the month of February. During the summer months it's a great place to watch the boats float through on their way to the Ottawa River.

    You can see here the series of locks that the boats must pass through in order to get out into the Ottawa River....

    A shot of the Chateau Laurier. A very upscale hotel where dignitaries and royalty stay while visiting Ottawa. Apparently The Queen has her own private suite.

    Just so happens we are in the middle of Tulipfest. The largest showing of tulips anywhere in the world, with the exception of Holland I do believe. People come from all over the country to see the displays of flowers.
    Here's a shot of tulips that Canadian artists have decorated and put on display in the courtyard of our City Hall.

    SLIM?!?!?!? Is that you????

    No Parking??? Nope, we didn't see any No Parking signs officer.

    This is our Olympic Flame statue to commemorate the passing of the torch when Canada hosted the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary.

    Here's the Agricultural Building that is housed within our exhibition grounds. Not really sure about the history behind this building... but it looks cool! 8)

    Look at our teeny-tiny bikes!!

    Here's a shot on the 50 yard line of Frank Clair Stadium, home to the Ottawa Renegades CFL team. This was where the Grey Cup (Canada's equivalent to the SuperBowl) was held last season.
    Don't ask how we got into the stadium on our bikes.

    Well there you have it. That concludes EpisodeI - The Beginning.

    Watch out for EpisodeII - Return of Range , coming soon. 8)

    Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

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    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Hey Joonya, what kinda camera you got? (I just got one, so some sweet sailing pics will follow )


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      Cool pics guys,looks like you had a great day.
      Ok, no more mister nice guy, i've met the guy in the street, and he's a wanker.


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        Originally posted by kickitjp
        Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Hey Joonya, what kinda camera you got? (I just got one, so some sweet sailing pics will follow )
        I've got a Fuji S5000. I love this camera. Takes awesome shots time after time after time. Makes me look like a pro.

        Hurry up and post those sailing pics!!!!


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          Man I have simply just gotta visit canada soon.. all these pics are amazing!


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            Nice pics! Time for a ride to me!!


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              man, thatīs crazy!
              very nice pics!!!nice art!
              West of Germany
              greetz Carsten


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                Way to go guys. Very nice
                Bike is sold


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                  this is by far the best picture, it looks like 2 bunnies yes i said bunnies in the field lol


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                    I have no need to visit Canada, we have all your bad weather down here right now.

                    Stupid jet stream and Canadian cold air.

                    Nice pics
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                      Not one B&W photo Junior...I'm very dissappointed in you.


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                        Gees, I sat by the phone all day. I'm sure it didn't ring I guess you two just wanted to be alone... I understand

                        PS. BadBilly left her watch here again.
                        I don't need a girlfriend... Windows goes down on me everyday!


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                          Originally posted by AHF
                          Not one B&W photo Junior...I'm very dissappointed in you.
                          I know I know. I'm saving up for a completely B&W post.


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                            Wow again, awesome pics.

                            BTW do you guys actually ride those bikes?

                            I parked next to a Yellow Daytona at work this week, made the Kat look HUGE. That is a sexy bike in person. The only consolation was this one was obviously abused, my god the chicken strips were about 4 inches wide .


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                              very nice pics! can't wait to see more.

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