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Port Dover on Friday the 13th ( very not 56K friendly !!! )

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  • Port Dover on Friday the 13th ( very not 56K friendly !!! )

    I'm sure most of you don't know about this tradition, but up here on every Friday the 13th the bikers take over a small town named Port Dover. NO CARS ALLOWED. Actually, the provincial police block off every entrance into this town and only allow bikes. No bike, no entrance !! Pretty awesome really. This year was the biggest turn out that I've seen in my 3 years of attendance. I won't bother posting pictures of the wall to wall people, but I do have alot of pics of interest I would like to share.

    The Fiero bike. Yes, the ass of a fiero is attached to a bike

    An interesting gas tank ( I think of Keith when I see it )

    This bike is just looney...looney tunes to be specific

    Talk about being a little horny !

    Something for all you americans out there. Check out the shiney NOS bottle

    This one is just for Lou

    A sweet kat all graphiced out

    An awesome custom, best bike there

    A cast off from the Munsters

    A little "CHiPs" flashback

    With approximately 150,000 bikes illegaly parked they are fighting over whom is going to write up one ticket ???

    I saw this and I thought of getting it for Range for some reason

    And finally, someone elses version of "The Spider Bike"

    I took more pics, but I don't want anyones computer to crash by posting anymore right now
    Some people are a lot like Slinkys.
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    Great pics Jackal!!! At least the weather held out till the end?
    We saw a lot of wet miserable riders heading back to Toronto when we were heading back to Hamilton.

    Sorry we missed it this year, poeple at work (near Port) will be happy its over though
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      AWESOME PICS JACKAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You did well young Padawan.

      Now, did you get any pics of the interesting stuff? WHERE'S THE WOMEN!???!


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        Great pics Jackal, checked mine and they are all over-exposed , Oh Well I guess I'll have to put the warranty to use.


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          Good pics, send some more!
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            Thanks for the pics


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              Awesome pics there Jackal.
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                cool Kats


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                  Great pics JACKAL!!
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                    More More More!
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                      Nice pics, i still don't get the reasoning behind the fiero bike.

                      Why would you use the back half of a rear engined car, and use the bike engine to power it. IMO it would have looked way better to use the fiero engine in the rear, and leave the space in the frame bare, or fill it with something, luggage space maybe.


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                        Awesome pics jackal !!! But ive got that freekin chips theme in my head !!!


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                          awesome!the kats are the nicest!!! 8)
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                          greetz Carsten