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Some local area riding shots. (LOTS O PICS of my KAT)

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  • Some local area riding shots. (LOTS O PICS of my KAT)

    These are some pics I've shot the last 2 days.....yesterday at the lake and today when it was getting windy and dark (tornado alley).

    Check it foooo.

    Now for the cool weather shots.

    So what do you think?
    This is Kansas weather for ya..
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    It looks real nice out that way. Great pics. I really like seeing what other peoples back yards look like.
    Thanks for the pics!


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      Hey nice plug for the forum! Also like all the pics! One ? how did you get all the pics on one post? Do they have to be a certain size?


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        YEah I imagine that they all have to be resized to at least 620x480 (or whatever)
        IF you use to automatically resizes them to that or smaller.
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          Hey, doesnt that helmet get in the way in the twisties

          Great pics knightrider!!!! and sporting KR too!!


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            If you guys will notice-
            I was flamed the last time for still having the warning stickers all over the bike.....well they are all gone. Talk about a beeeoootch.

            BTW- I am a picture whore.....I take so many pictures all the expect more, riding shots, bike shows, my prepared.
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              very nice pics!
              West of Germany
              greetz Carsten


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                Ok, I am prepared! Lets see some more! Nice bike btw, it looks familiar. Where in KC are you? I used to work in KC for KCPL back in 2001. Moved to Springfield and now I am back home in Tulsa. We have the same weather.
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                  HA. Thanks. I am in Kansas City, KS. I live about 30sec behind Wyandotte County Lake Park.

                  I've been to OK 3 times this more for me.....the police/highway patrol are KILLER. Unmarked SUV thanks. I will take the laid back KC cops.
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                    Nice pictures.... Keep them comming....


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                      Look'N good. I will behave if I go through OK now that I know that stuff about there patrols
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                        nice bike. thanks for the pics. looking forward to seeing some more.

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