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got a solo cowl today, still unpainted though

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  • got a solo cowl today, still unpainted though

    heres my new solo cowl, got it from another member on here. its already painted white but it looks kinda funny like that.


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    That's gonna look so beautiful when it gets painted!! Any idea when or what color? Gonna repaint the whole bike?
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      ill paint it to match the rest of the body, im thinking im going to eventually lay in some lime green flames or graphics, i really like lime green on light blue metallic.


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        That's going to look so sweet when you get it painted to match!!!!!

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          Originally posted by tonmarchelli
          i really like lime green .
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          Tail looks good


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            Hot pink would look nice.


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              That's a good idea.. I still have some hot pink left from lou !!


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                hot pink and maybe some of those long tassles off the bar ends. in pink and white. YEAH!!!!!!!! thats what im going to do.


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                  Originally posted by Need4Speed
                  That's a good idea.. I still have some hot pink left from lou !!
                  It wasn't HOT PINK, it was Barbie Pink thank you very Much!!!!
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                    looked everywhere for a solo cowl couldnt find one anywhere. in the end i stripped down the back end and got a gsx-r srad single seat unit off an old track bike.... beautifull if my damn camera worked id post some pics..... watch out for them
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                      Apparently you didn't try I hear he makes excellent cowls for the Katana. May take a while to get, but of superior quality.

                      Edit: Holy Ancient Threads, Batman. What's with dredging up months old threads lately???
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                        Only problem with that Brooder, is that he rides an 88 600. Jim doesn't make cowls for the pre-98's anymore.

                        You can go to air-tech and get whatever you need. Theirs is only $48, but you have to drill the mounting holes yourself.



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                          I agree with brooder, mine should be here any day's worth the wait...
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