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New member/rider - Suggestions on 91 Katana? *pics*

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  • New member/rider - Suggestions on 91 Katana? *pics*

    Hello all

    Just picked up a 91 Katana 600 in pretty bad shape a few weeks ago, did my best to fix it up with a few parts and a paint job by myself. Picked up a new fender, some foot pegs, lights, and ALOT of body work. Tinted windscreen and some small decals are in the mail still. Are there any other suggestions out there that will help the overall appearance of my bike, or performance?

    Thanks for any critisizm



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    Welcome to KR.

    There are many things you can do to help the appearance & performance... gel grips, bar ends, short stalk rear signals, seat cowl, full system aftermarket exhaust, jus to name a few.


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      Wow...good paint job! Do you have any 'before' pics to see the improvements you've done?

      This is what I would do if I had your bike....aside from 'extra mods' I think these are neccesary:

      I would find the rubber stems that cover up your fairing hole for your front turn signals....get a real windscreen ....and polish that rear grab bar up a bit....or paint it black....clear the rear signals since you did the fronts....and it looks as though your front tire is cupped...but I can't really tell...and get some bar ends (I would go with either carbon fiber or black, cause chrome would make them stand out too much cause there's no chrome on the rest of the bike...and grips while you're at it

      Sweet Ride man! It's coming together!


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        Check out my ride for some Blacked out inspiration..... Sweet ride man!

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          Thanks all.

          A REAL windscreen is still in the mail. I'll look for some grips and barends today. Sorry, not alot of pictures of it before, started work on it as soon as i got it. It was layed down on one side and was missing a huge chunk out of the fairing i had to repair. The tank was in OK condition, except a few scratches, and a HUGE dent. Its not the best paint job in the world, but its better than before

          Heh, as well, I'm in the market for a new motor


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            where can I find some bar ends for pre 98?


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              Nice black kat.


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                you can get universal barends from about any omline accessory shop
                PM me for Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning, pilot screw o-rings and washers and mercury refills

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                  Dennis Kirk for bar ends.. Look in the outlet first..
                  Or I'll pass on mine.. (grooved silver..)

                  Great work on the Kat BrysonK...
                  Please post a before..
                  Before pictures really really boost your moral if
                  you get stuck..


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                    I like the short screen..
                    You have to be a contortionist to get behind it anyway..
                    Or Duff sized..


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                      Welcome to Katriders fellow Canadain!!

                      Sweet bike, you've done a great job. I would defiantely look at a new exhaust and a cowl
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                        I would go with flush mount signals front & rear,
                        Full exhaust system, New wind screen, and ride ride ride!!!
                        You are off to a great start. Great Job!!!!!

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                          looks great!
                          West of Germany
                          greetz Carsten


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                            nothing wrong with that...thats TWO Calgarians in less then a week!


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                              Is it just me or is your front tire and/or wheel backwards?? don't ride that in the rain dude be careful!!!!