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    ok so my weekend was ok, satruday i woke up went to work, then go out drove with my sidekick dj howie, well i got a speeding ticket on the way for 169 but oh well what can you do, after that it was off to meet Need4Speed and Special K well that was an interisting time haha but they are great and keith hooked me up with an AWESOME MOTOR and well i snapped a few pic's haha

    yes hes gimpy but doest great work still hahahahah

    after leaving there i drove home (bad idea) i feel a sleep bout 3 times after i dropped dj off at his house, one time i hit a grass banking and it scared the crap out of me, so i drove to my buddies house about 20 min away, wich took me to about 5 am, i slept from 5-8 at which point i woke up and went to the drag strip,

    yes there were some bikes and well look at hte first one i saw......

    and here is it's 2 runs that i caught both in the 10's its an 1100 kat with a swing arm sprockets, jets, pods ignition work, and NITROUS


    so after walking in my buddy teched his car in and it was time for some runs, here are some pic's

    Mach I, and the link is its video


    this orange mustang, was in the 10's look at the rear tire

    this is my buddys 02 Gt 5speed Stang, its got, Steeda intake, UD pullys, Intake down pipe, cams, FLow master exhaust, short throw shifter, drag radials (big meat boys lol) and 75 MM Throttle Body

    then it was time for the 2 wheeled demons

    after the drags, why not have some fun haha

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    thanks for sharing...keith looks pretty good for an invalid


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      hahaha damn


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        OK, who's who? (I know Keith's the one with the sling....and the ONLY one that seems to be doing anything!)


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          matt is wearing the Queelers hat, i mean the steelers hat


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            Looks like you had a great weekend duff!!!!
            Thanks for sharing the pics with us!!

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              AWESOME! I hope keith isn't trying to use that arm LOL

              Looks like photochop time LOL
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                looks like a lot of fun!
                nice pics!
                West of Germany
                greetz Carsten


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                  Awsome pics Duff, thanks for sharing. Good idea you pulled over!!!!
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