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Finally got pics

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  • Finally got pics

    I finally got it done with the current parts i have.
    cut of rear fender
    rear turn signals
    change graphics
    illumiglo gauges
    resevroir cover

    Comments more than welcome
    Maybe some day I will see my bike under the spot light.
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    nice looken bike buddy, i like that blue on black, keep up the good work, next you need an exhaust buddy lol


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      Definitely a beautiful colour scheme there !!!

      Oh, and I know someone with a full hindle exhaust system for sale for a 750 kat :mrgreen:
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        very nice..i dig the graphics
        Hello World.


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          lookin good, sweet ride you got there
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            Thaks everyone

            I apprectiate the comments and option for exhaust but I like the factory polished exhaust and don't see any reason to change it.
            I know you can get a little extra horse out of it and a louder or diffrent noise but the maunufacturers do alot of design and engineering to build the systems together. I know they are also building to meet government regulations to but, I like the factory exhaust.

            Put thanks for the option and suggestions.
            Keep them coming


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              Originally posted by JACKAL
              Definitely a beautiful colour scheme there !!!

              Oh, and I know someone with a full hindle exhaust system for sale for a 750 kat :mrgreen:
              Oh yeah ? You know what he might want for it ? :-k
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                very nice bike man!

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                  looking very nice


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                    Nice very Nice
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                    SOLD....1989 Red Katana 600
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                    K&N Filters
                    Chrome Decal Kit
                    Red & Black Gel Grips ( Pro Grip model 724 )
                    K&S black Bar Ends
                    Sportech Chrome Windshield
                    Vance & Hines Supersport Exhaust
                    Clear flush signals (front)


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                      was it hard to do that?

                      cuz im gonna be doing the exact same thing soon!!
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                        I see a KOTM nomination in your future!! Sweet ride!


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                          Very nice!
                          need paintjob for the grey i think!
                          West of Germany
                          greetz Carsten


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                            Looks Great!!!
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                            Please look at this build!


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                              It wasn't that hard but time consuming and entertaining. But I have a class A license so I have the tools and knowledge for playing and modifying. I have done cars and trucks ATV etc.

                              But thanks for the comments and to be nominated would be a great honor.

                              Thank again.