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i got a lil bored....

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  • i got a lil bored....

    well just like the title says i got a lil bored and was tired of having paint so i made a stop at the local fabric store and ended up looking like this

    any comments good ro bad will be welcome thanx

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    grrrrrrr i could of swore i could host it there....
    sorry everyone


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      i hope this works


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        OMG...prepare to be flamed!

        but, from this site...they will go easy on you.

        FUR = SQUID


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          OK....., be serious now, is this bike really yours?



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              i knew id get flamed but i figured y not post neway , i like the fur for now cause it covers most of the major damage to the bike , its been on the ground a few times from trying to teach a friend of mine to ride so the fairings are all scratched and the one is cracked a lil so this "fixes" that till i get some money to fix it , i mean i was just gonna paint it but im never happy with a color , its been like 4 different color in the year that ive owned it , so just for u guys ill go grab my flame suit out of the closet just for u guys , i fured that to that way i match lol....


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                Personally.... I would've used zebra fur.

                Leopard fur is sooooooo 2004.


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                  never teach a friend to ride on your own bike...or it will end up YOUR BIKE!

                  Sorry bro...but I just HAVE to say that, but if you like it, thats really all that matters. Individuality is one characteristic that we like on this site, and at least your fur-job looks pretty well done.


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                    zebra was thought of but i figured that white would get dirty way to fast ,grant this will get dirty to but it has a lil more of a life than the zebra would , i taught him cause im planing on getting a new katana like a 750 , and im not really worried about it he was only in like 1st gear so it didnt do ne major damage ,plastic is fix able


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                      Meeeoooow, purrrrrrrrr
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                        Don't worry, we're just having some fun, I don't really mean any disrespect for your bike...I would actually like to see what's it like in person.

                        Personally, I think you should skin that Kat ( I kill myself) and just spray the fairings down with truck bedliner. Black is beautiful.


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                          Holy Mother of God! Well you will be riding it not me, so ride away bud did you think about using just plain BLACK? kind of like a panther, i think you woud be better off with that. hope you live next to a Fire Station, get ready to get flamed more. just my $.02
                          93 GSXF6 PIX.

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                            Nice chrome windscreen .

                            Get yourself one of those big hats and a 70's pimp coat like kramer had on Seinfield and your be set.

                            Honestly though, it is an easy way to cover major damage, and definately attracts attention to your ride. Hopefully in a good way.

                            How's the Fur hold up in wet weather?


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                              I'd admire your sense of individuality.... maybe your courage.... not so much your sense of style. Now if it were duct tape, that's another story.

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