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I had Lots of fun today, My first mods with picts

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  • I had Lots of fun today, My first mods with picts

    heres what i did today, its the first couple of mods that i have done with my new bike so im pretty stoked.

    the mods that i did were

    1) the clear front turn signals,
    2) the carbon/iridium rear turnsignals (which eliminated the stock ones.)
    3) and i also eliminated the rear mudflap. this was interesting because instead of buying a kit, i just put the license plate in the place of the license plate light and then just worked my way around it with a dremel and a cutting wheel. i still need to clean the edges a little bit but so far i am really happy with how it came out.

    Let me know what you think.


    I think the license plate frame is going to go, my wife bought it for me and i promised id put it on for at least a little while.

    Ive also got a reverse gauge kit on my desk, im going to put that in either today or tomorrow.
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    Looks great! Really like how you did the rear turn signals.


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      Nice spikes! never seen that before


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        yeah, keep those on and they might mistake ur for a hells angel! Great job on the signals !!


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          Very cool, good work tonmarchelli. She looks great.
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            those rear turn signals are cool nice work.
            I did the dremel thing too you can get it all the way down.
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              that grab handle looks like a lil mini spoiler ! lol


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                Originally posted by duff daddy
                that grab handle looks like a lil mini spoiler ! lol
                yeah i put that on there to make doing wheelies a little easier, you know, because of the down force.


                • #9
                  think of the sparks from the spikes when you wheelie that beast!

                  Looking good Tommy boy!


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                    Looks good, I love the color of your bike!!!!!!!! How fast is it?
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                      Looks great.


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                        DOn't knwo if i like the rear turns but to each their own i guess.
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