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Change the decals on the wifes Blast

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  • Change the decals on the wifes Blast

    What do you think?



    The V&H header and Pipe sounds a tad better than stock too lol.

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    Cool, the blast part needed to go
    You both getting out riding this weekend?
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      Looks good, Sounds great too from the vid you posted.


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        We both hated the "blast" lettering. Only problem is on the flyscreen the "blast" is under the clear coat. Only way to get rid of it is getting it painted. Or put another decal over it the exact same size. We are supposed to go out riding tomorrow. She's very excited about it. I've been out a bunch of times on it now. My bike is still in pieces but ready to put back together. I'm hoping to get it finished today.


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          That looks really nice. Looks a little more up to date.
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            Believe or not those are fun, brings back the memories of riding a moped

            awesome sig Bear!!

            The buell blast is so simple to ride and work on.
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              much much better !!! looking good.


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                Looks Great!
                Also looks like it would be alot of fun to ride!!

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                  I was out on the bike today for about an hour. Tons of torque and the big single sounds awesome. It's a huge step up for my wife. Last year she had a Honda 250 Rebel. It was a great bike for her to learn on but she outgrew it quickly. There just wasn't enough power. She ended up in trouble a few times because of it. You know how most cagers automatically speed up when a bike pulls out to pass. I think the Blast will do a little better than the Rebel did. She's only 4'11" too so we were very limited to a bike for her. With the optional low seat the Blast fit her perfect.


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                    Very nice. I keep trying to talk my sister into one that is currently on used dealer lot here locally. She wants a Katana, and I cant blame her, but she cant touch the ground on my 6, so I dont know what to do with her. Anyway, very nice bike.
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                      looks great Len...not as nice as your old Kat ever see her?


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                        I speak to the guy that bought it but I haven't been out for a ride yet. This year I will see her again hopefully.