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  • Y2K

    Jay Leno's Y2K

    not 56k friendly

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    yeah boy, the Y2K. a rolls royce jet helicopter engine wrapped around a carbon fiber chassis.. what is like 200 mph in 10 seconds.


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      Did you hear that freakin' thing!!! I'm surprised he didn't pull outa there a bit faster
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        I saw a special on him once and he took that bike out and explained it. Since it's a jet engine it works ina different way that your standard bike engine. The longer you hold on the throttle the more it winds up and the more horsepower you get. Pretty sweet, it's got enough power to lift a copter it's definitly going to have enough power to pull the bike along, plus it just sounds sweet.


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          yeah, it takes awhile to warm up, u cant just hop on, start it an go, ..but man, once you get it going, nothing on the planet can beat it.

          yeah, it sounds awesome.


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            Jay Leno. One of the coolest.


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              Anybody else notice the not-so-expensive helmet ? I figured being all rich biker-guy that he'd have those new expensive carbon fiber things or something . And that bike was featured in Cycle World (I think) a little while back . They said that when you shut off the throttle , it still makes power for a couple of seconds before it slows down . Something you REALLY gotta plan for when you come to a curve !
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                crazy but cool! 8)
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                  Yep, Cycle World.... said it pulled harder at 100+ than a busa in second gear.

                  Turning 20,000+ rpms it makes like 400hp.

                  For the test they didn't get it over 190 or so due to gearing. But it ran like a 10 or 12 second HALF MILE.

                  Definitely want to wear ear plugs with that one.

                  I love the fact that he is off the bike removing gear and it is still winding down. FFFfffffWwwwEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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                    That was unreal.
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                      i seen that thing in person...NIIIICEEEE!
                      Hello World.


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                        I saw it on torque too..


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                          Cheap helmet. Cheap gloves. Messy hair. No bodyguards.

                          Are we sure that was Leno??

                          Cool bike, someone needs to make an exhaust with some sorta baffle in it that simulates that "jet engine" sound. 8)


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                            oh man ! that would be sweet ! you could pull up to a stop light, rev it up,and win the race b/4 u started !