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    Looking for some help. Have a 91 katana looking for a pic of how the fuel lines and vacuum lines hook up from the carbs to the tank.

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    I think you've already got the correct answer.
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      Austin, I tried to answer your private message, but the website doesn't seem to work as it once did.
      What I mean is Krey already answered this in the other thread.
      Since its not so easy to upload pictures anymore, it makes sense to try to explain it.
      There are two hose adapters between carb bodies 1&2...The top is just a over flow vent and just drapes over, incase you wreck the bike. In which case it will spill on the ground preventing flooding the engine with fuel. The bottom adapter is where the fuel lines from the tank feed the carbs.
      Its the same thing between carb bodies 3&4.
      The hose that comes from the side/edge of carb body #4 supplies vacuum to open the petcock to allow fuel to feed the carbs.
      The Katana isn't like a typical dirt bike you may be used to. There is not a "ON" or "OFF". ...So, again, when the engine is running it suppies vacuum to open the petcock valve to allow gas to flow.
      Now, pay attention here. There is a "PRIME" positon on the petcock. When you turn the petcock to PRIME its going to flow gas reguardless of any vacuum on the rear adapter. You ONLY USE PRIME WHEN THE CARBS ARE EMPTY> For instance, after being rebuilt or put in storage for years.
      Just turn the petcock valve, when you see it flow gas..that prime. Turn it in the oposite direction and leave it alone ! That position will be RESERVE. Since your petcock is old, chances are the o-ring on the valve is dry rotted and if you continued to twist the knob it will which case you'll have to rebuild the petcock.
      If gas flows no matter what direction you turn the petcock, it needs to be rebuild because the diaphragm is busted causing it to allow air in the rear adapter...In which case, you go spend the money for a rebuild kit before riding.
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      My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap