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  • Picture/Video Info.

    If you would like to upload pics, and you dont have webspace or don't want to fill it up. There are several places on the internet that can host them for you for free or a nominal fee. and are 2 of the best. And you can link to them here using the Img code button at the top. Or may upload them as attachments. (limit 3 attachments per post).

    Also try and be as considerate as possible with the size of pics when linking to them. If you can resize the pics to make the forum flow stay intact, it is preferable to do so. is a great free tool to download for resizing and photo editting pics.

    You may link as many videos in katriders as you like, but we ask that you do not host them here as this eats bandwidth beyond belief. One place you can use is to host your vid, but that site is only a 5mb limit though.

    Enjoy and lets see those cool pics and vids.

    Don't forget about our KatRider album as well. Post up pics of your ride in there for easy quick reference for yourself and all of us to admire your ride.

    FYI.. Remember to use the NWS or NCS acronyms in the title of your thread if applicable. There are alot of us that post on KR at work and at home where little eyes may be watching so we wanna be careful what we click on if its potentially Not Work Safe or Not Child Safe. management reserves to right to remove any questionable or offensive pictures or videos.