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    Originally posted by B-Man View Post
    Not even close - you need to go to California and drive I-5, I-405, etc. to experience the busiest roads in the US.
    I wonder where you find the statistics to back that up.
    Section of I-95 is NJ turpk that I ride on.
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      Certain parts of the 405 is rated americas no.1 busiest freeway. Cali has 6 or 7 of the countries busiest freeways, also the most population. They go hand in hand.
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        Have read many articles on it over the years. Did a google search, first result:

        FYI San Jose and San Fran are basically next door to each other (40 miles). And having lived for 30 years in San Jose, and 1 in Oakland, I dont know how the hell these rankings are made because Oakland is FAR worse.

        End of the day, traffic here sucks. Sucks in a lot of other places too. Really glad I can land split, saves me ~50 minutes 1 way every day.

        1LE - honestly, a basic budget bike that's fuel injected is all you need. You can still have a ton of fun on a 250-300cc bike, and they're cheap to own/operate, and faster than most cars.
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