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    I returned a pair of Bull-it jeans. They felt like I had track pants under the jeans the lining was so thick. I bought Dainese D6 jeans that have the kevlar sewn in with jean material so they feel and fit like regular jeans. No baggy ass. Love them


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      I have a pair of "ForceRiders" jeans (zeez_shop on ebay, if I remember correct). IMO, they're kinda ugly, but they do their job and are dirt cheap compared to brand stuff. They are also too narrow at the bottom to fit over the boots, but I fixed that by sewing 2 small zippers there (it cost me 10 Eur, but you can actually do it yourself in a couple of hours or so, even if you're new with a needle).


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        Originally posted by hess_dawg03 View Post
        I'm just curious to know what folks are wearing as far as Kevlar riding jeans for protection? I've looked at several ranging from the Bilt Iron Workers to the Icon Victory but I haven't decided on anything yet. I'm looking for protection but a decent price as well. Please weigh in.
        I found this article a few months ago. I might buy a pair of Rev'it Lombards when I have extra cash.

        "...weave itself provides the protection, here incorporating Cordura for strength and CoolMax for breathability. Knee armor is included and hip armor is optional. These fit and wear like normal jeans but have an extremely high degree of on-bike comfort and safety...

        RideApart Recommended? Yes. These are the best combination of style and safety currently available."
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          I ended up getting the Sliders 4.0 from Competition Accessories. I love them! The have plenty of kelvar lining in them


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            The BIlt Iron Workers that I use are okay, not too hot, but also not too protective. I suplimented them with some added hip pads (they have the pockets but no pads for them) ditched the knee pads and wear my SuMo knee brace/pads under them. They look great, but could use a little more kevlar in them. better than nothing and good for classes and slow days, but I wouldnt wear them if going quick.


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              does anyone have any experience with maple hands company? they have a Kevlar lined product.


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                Originally posted by FireKit View Post
                does anyone have any experience with maple hands company? they have a Kevlar lined product.
                Do you mean these?

                I know guys back home in UK who have them and really rate them.

                I like these
                I did alot of research before buying and the "covec" they use instead of kevlar seems the way forward.
                The thing with kevlar jeans is they're not all the same. All depends on the actual amount of kevlar in the material and most of them have next to none like all them chinese ebay kevlar jeans. Be wary they're not all the same.

                The bull it ones have a high safety standard rating too. Do a bit of reading on them. Mine are really heavyweight and feel quality. They also have pockets for armour too.
                You do get what you pay for.
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