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Back protectors, Who has what and how do you like it?

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  • Back protectors, Who has what and how do you like it?

    I'm thinking it's about time for a back protector. I'd like to do some track days next year among other things and they are a must have for the track.

    So I'm curious what type is everyone using and are you happy with them?

    Currently I am using the foam ones that come stock with the JR jackets. My Leather Speedway jacket has the thin flexible foam one, My Textile Hard Drive jacket has a slightly thicker and less flexible foam one. My new aquired Speedmaster jacket had the back armour removed, but the speedway armour can be swapped into it without a problem.

    Now I know from KP some members have bought bohn armour and Alpinestar back protectors early this year and at the time they posted they were happy with the purchases. Any updates on those?

    Anyway I'd be interested in what everyone has, or is planning on getting and why?

    The December bike show is coming up soon, and the January show is on the horizon. They will be the only chace to check out a wide selection of gear in person since locally there is not much availible in-store.

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    do you find the stock protectors in your JR jacket, tends to "ride up"at all and cause you to not be able to tilt your head back fully all the time.

    ive heard this from many riders as well...even sewn in, it kinda gives alittle especially when we're hunched over the tank.


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      my corona jacket has back pads in it too and its so much more fitting and comfortable then my joe rocket phoenix ballistic that i have ..(its for sale too if ya want it) but the corona jacket's its so much more fitting


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        what size is the JR jacket..what color ?


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          I use a 4 plate teknic and love it. Fit's comfortably under my jacket and secures with two giant velcro straps kind of like a weight belt. Really helps out with back fatigue on long ride days.
          I'm looking to upgrade this spring and will prbably go with another teknic but the 7 plate version that goes all the way up to the shoulders just for the extra protection.

          Teknic, Alpinestars, Bohn, doesn't really matter. They are all better than the crappy foam you get stock in a jacket.
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            I have a UFO one that I got off a member back in the summer. It works great but I am with Jim. I want the 7 plate one for more protection. Anything is better than foam.


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              looks like I better tell santa to order some replacement armor for the jacket im hopefully getting next month..


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                month? how bout tomorrow ...sounds better to me hahaha


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                  Well I ended up wining an Alpinestars Tech back protector on ebay last night. Since our season is pretty much done, it looks like it'll be spring before I post a review of it.


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                    I have a JR Speedmaster and the back protection is quite good in it. Have never tested it though
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                      I have a 7 plate teknics and it's pretty good. Actually tested it last year at 75mph. Only problem is that it's so long that it has to go down into your leathers and sometimes rides up a little.

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