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    i have some astar gloves.. not very warm or comfortable though, can you give me suggestions on different astar gloves that you guys have that may work a little better for me?

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    Nope . But I CAN tell you about my Firstgear gloves (Carbon Race). I even crash tested them over the summer . Protected my hands very well , with very little wear even showing on the glove ! If you look hard at the right spot , you'll see a little scuff . Relatively comfy , seem okay down to around 45-ish (a little chilly , but no frostbite) and up to 95-100 (hottest I've ever ridden) . I got 'em last year from Newenough for about $50 , but they don't have them anymore .
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      dont use astar myself, so cant help ya out too much with that..but i can tell ya, my icon tarmacs and joe rocket phoenix gloves work great..

      the xtra knuckle protection on my joe rockets can be a bit uncomfortable till they are broke in..leaves a nice little inprint on ur knuckle at first

      did you get them as a gift or buy them urself ?