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Just got my new gear today!

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  • Just got my new gear today!

    Well i just got some new gear in the mail today from! All i can say is they are an excellent group of people and shipped very promptly.

    I actually won the jacket on ebay. I got the HJC Sport 2 Leather Jacket for $138 shipped. Now i will say this for anyone wanting to buy an HJC jacket. I have a 42 chest and this is a size 46 jacket and the thing fits perfectly. So order a couple sizes up!

    And then i ordered from their website a set of the Joe Rocket Blaster gloves for $19 which they shipped in the same box for the item i won off ebay to save on shipping! Gloves are a large and they fit perfect as well.

    Im very happy with their service and will continue to order my gear through them for sure!

    But one question for the collective now. What is a good set of pants that i can put on overtop of my jeans or work pants? I like riding to work and putting on and taking off pants is kind of hard. So im just looking for a good slip over type pant for easy on and off. I want to some good padding in the knee area and thigh area. If anyone has any suggestions id appreciate it!
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    im new too, but i have heard mixed reviews on icon stuff. they i guess are known for their "loose fit" kinda look, but i have also heard from some people that they are poorly made. so im in the same boat, any suggestions will help

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      Consider just changing pants when you get to work ? Anything that fits loose will move around in a crash/slide . I had a jacket that was a little loose (mainly I didn't adjust it right) , and the padding didn't do a very good job in my minor crash .
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        that is what i do. i keep my work clothes in a bag in my saddle bags or in a backpack and change when i get to work.
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          The Joe Rocket Phoenix and Ballistic pants are pretty nice, and as long as you order the right size the knee padding should stay where it belongs. I just bought some firstgear leather race pants, and the JR stuff is sooo much easier to put on/take off. The leather is much warmer though, which is good for right now.


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            The Phoenix pants are good for throwing over your work clothes, I would assume the Ballistic pants are the same. Although I have read the Ballistic pants don't breath well and can be very hot

            Originally posted by Myrddraal
            I just bought some firstgear leather race pants,
            Did you get the ones on sale? if so do they fit according to your jean size and what direction does the zipper go? I was wondering if the zippers are compatible with the JR Jackets.


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              You will LOVE the HJC stuff. Great jacket--I have an older HJC, and it is fantastic---and very durable.

              I can't recommend any overpants--perhaps other than those from aerostich--I ride in leather, head to toe, every time.

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