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Joe Rocket Sizes for jackets and pants.

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  • Joe Rocket Sizes for jackets and pants.

    I have decided that i needed buy a decent Jacket and pants combo and so following this Sites advice i have gone to

    I have a couple questions though before i plunk down my 300 dollars.

    I am 6' 0.5" to 6' 1" with my weight around 170 lbs. From looking at the Joe Rocket charts the medium pant size looks like it will fit me perfectly. I normally wear a 32 waist 34 inseam, but those are a little will sometimes drag the floor. So the medium with the 30-33 waist and 32 inch inseam should not be a problem.

    The jacket is what has me worried though. I dont know what sleeve length to get. The medium jacket has waist and chest measurements that will be fine but i dont know if need to go with a medium tall or just the regular medium. Plus i could not find where on to order the tall jackets.

    So is there anyone out there who is my size and what size jacket do you have and how do you like the fit? What would you change if you could do it over? Thanks for the help.
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    I'm 6'2" 190# and got the a* spinner jacket just a few months ago...i ended up getting an XL, and it fit just right...i really dont see a medium fitting, but it is a different brand i guess. The best thing to do, as what people told me when i was buying one, is to go to the local dealership and just try some on and see what sizes fit, then go order one on-line.


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      I'm 5'10 and about 205lbs, I fit a 46 JR jacket with room for a back protector, I can squeeze into a 44 JR. with a 35-36 waist the Large JR phoenix pants fit in the waist but with a 31 inseam they are slightly to long. In a textile Jacket a Large JR Hard drive fits fine.

      You best bet is to go try stuff on a a dealer to get a rough idea. Either that or call Newenough and describe your situation. Others have posted the customer service there is great and they can help you narrow down your size.


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        I'm 5'11" and 170. Got a JR Alter Ego large jacket, and JR Alter Ego medium pants.
        I tried both on at the closest dealer before buying them. Keep in mind some of the pants/gear are meant to be worn on top of clothes (this is true of the Rocket Alter Ego pants).


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          It depends on what kind of jacket you get. I looked at the JR phoneix jacket, tired the xl size on and it was too small. But I tried on the JR atomic jacket XL size and it fit perfect. It seemed like most of the mesh jackets had more of a racer cut-they were shorter and tighter.
          I've got the JR Atomic jacket that new enough has on clearance for $69. It fits me quite well, I'm 6'4" and about 235 lbs. Sleve length is just right for me.
          Like suggested before, see if you can get into a dealer and try something on.
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