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Bluetooth Cell Phone Speaker announced for Motorcycle Helmet

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  • Bluetooth Cell Phone Speaker announced for Motorcycle Helmet

    Would any of you use something like this? How many people here actually use their cell phone when riding?

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    I was thinking if I could patch my cell into the intercome I just got... but then I thought... I hate useing my cell
    WTF would I want to use it while riding for?!?!?


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      MOMO is also building one in conjunction with Motorola
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        i heard chatterbox is coming out with blue tooth versions of their products. you'll put the control box on the bike somewhere and plug everything into it. nothing listed on their website yet though.
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          They are selling it on the AeroStich website:

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            No way I'm talking on a cell phone while riding! It's definately a huge distraction when driving or just doing pretty much anything. That's the last thing I or anyone else need while riding. Besides when I'm riding I'm free of the cell phone ball and chain Jeez I can see it now, all the yuppie Harley riders will now be talking on a cell phone while riding. Hmm Maybe they'll wear a helmet because of it though HA!
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              Hey, was ice cube using one of these in Torque?


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                I doubt it as it wasn't even invented yet.


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                  Frikkin morons .
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                    Originally posted by Silver
                    I doubt it as it wasn't even invented yet.
                    It is still possible. Motorola has been working on this for quite a long while now.

                    Personally, my bike is one of the few places i can get away from my cell phones( I have 3) and I will be damned if I put anything on it that they can reach me with!!
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