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Riding in tennis shoes and jeans, how dangerous is it?

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    jeans bad

    As alot of you know i had a wreck i had jeans on no helmet and an armored jacket. I flopped down the road about 25 feet the jeans did not hold up for squat other than soaking up the blood pouring down both legs and my hands waiting to be picked up. Wear them if you want but you woulnt catch me in them anymore still my favorite jeans to wear to work though
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      Well? In term of gear, what do you guys advise for cheap *******os like myself?
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        Originally posted by BigDub View Post
        Well? In term of gear, what do you guys advise for cheap *******os like myself?

        I ride most of the time in Jeans but I wear street hikers. As far as gearing ones-self up, you gotta kind-of feel your way around. Research different brands, word of mouth (considering the source, always), looking on different sites just to see what's up.

        Here are a couple site to check ...

        I've had good dealings and no b/s from these spots.
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          Thats a site I've used a couple times. They have some pretty good deals in there closeout section...check out the bargain basement too. Also, if you subscribe to their email newsletter, they send out notices a couple times a week about new deals. I've picked up Joe Rocket mesh jacket for 35 bucks and the other day I saw a Joe Rocket Blaster leather jacket for like $110....check it out, ya might find something there if you keep a look out. Just my contribution to the thread.


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            Jeans and tennis shoes are if you offset with something like this:
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              I haven't rode in anything like that since I ordered my tires off the internet and drove them 40 miles to get screwed blued and tatooed by some jack-leggs at "ScrewAcycle" in sacramento.
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                Late to the ball, here, but I will throw my 2 cents in...

                In my motorcycling years, I've had...

                Two where I contacted the pavement at enough speed for gear other than helmet to have been a benefit, both being low-sides.

                First one I was wearing substantial but not motorcycle-specific leather jacket, jeans, jump boots and leather gloves. Sleeve rolled up a bit, and I had fore-arm road rash as a result. Jeans I was wearing were rather shreadded in places and thus toast, but I do not recall any leg road rash (it was about 6 years ago, so memory may not serve.)

                Second was about a 25 mph lay-down. I was wearing full Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket and panats, and either jump boots (I like them for riding, but prefer ones with less agressive sole lugs than the ones Black Peter wears) or JR GP-type boots- again, memory leaks, and mc leather gloves. Only injury was a very little bit of fore-arm road rash because... jacket sleeve rode up. I obviously need to give more attention to securing wrist enclosures, but I believe that if I had been wearing my First Gear mesh gear (I tend to go with the JR on very hot days as it's mesh is more open- I'm gonna rethink that) I would have faired better. Both jacket and pants are still servicable.

                Conclusions I draw from this:
                1. Always wear a MC jacket.
                1-A. Choose one that has good, tight, secure wrist closures, and use that feature.
                2. MC riding pants are far superior to jeans. I wear them about 99.95 of the time.
                3. Minor foot injuries both times- minor sprain first time. Always wear boots of some sort.
                4. Gotta wear gloves- again, no hand injuries. I feel stangely naked without them.

                BTW, I always wear a full-face or modular helmet, and I do mean, always. Well, always when on the bike. I don't sleep in the thing.

                I prefer over-pants with full-length zippers to riding pants designed to be worn without other pants beneath them, except when on a fun ride. A bit bulky to store at work/school/whereever, but worth the hassle, IMHO.

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                  Originally posted by Range View Post
                  I remember Soulrider got a peg through his foot....Now, he probably could outride 99.9% of the members here

                  I was in full gear when this happened on a track. The bike went airborne and landed on my leg, and foot.


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                    Whats the concensus for hitop tennis shoes? I wear either Skechers boots or I have a pair of hi top tennis shoes. They have a strap that comes around the front and covers the laces and have hard plastic surrounding the heals and also hard plastic for arch support. They are more of a basketball shoe.

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                      IMHO its all about how much you want to protect yourself. I have had a few bad days in my time. Think about it.... Whats gonna happen when you go fly'n? Hands, Head, Arms, Legs, feet. And not ever nessessarlily in that order. But rest assured that these are the hard points of the matter. IF you survive the impact. No one ever said the game we play isn't deadly. But how you prepare will make all the difference in how the story is told. The big ticket injury is without a doubt the neck. But short of a miracle, theres nothing you can do about that. I was talking in the CB the other night and we happened across some really nice affordable upper body armor. (I will post it as soon as I get back to my Home PC.) But Its something I Plan on picking up ASAP. to ride without the constricting leathers and what not. More to follow on the subject..... Point here being...... Your not bullet proof, none of us are. I know the feeling of riding free. Most of us do. But its the Mature and responsible act of thinking ahead and knowing that when the lady in the BUICK doesn't see you and turns your bike into a paperclip, then looks to run you over afterwards.......that makes all the difference. Ride the way you wish young Jedi. But know that If and when chit hits the fan....... Your previous decisions will have made all the difference.
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                        Originally posted by tdrcomm View Post
                        Tennis shoes?
                        One word - Shoelaces.

                        They don't mix well with motorcycle chains.

                        VANS for the win!:lol

                        I kid, I wear boots.....MOST of the time.


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                          how would u rate military boots? thats what i use when i ride. i know there not the best but its what i have.


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                            I started out with two steel toed boots and after a brush with a 45 mph gaurd rail i ended up with one steel toe and one slipper. I shouldn't have walked away let alone kept my toes. I don't know if they were broken or not bc I don't like Dr's. they always give me bad news


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                              ^ I can relate. Doctors always seem to say "well...why don't you have insurance?". I always say "Are you kidding? I'm a college student. I can barely afford rent. Oh, whats wrong with me, is it expensive?"

                              Then they shake their head and walk away...


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                                all i ever wear is a jeans or shorts and no problems thus far, granite I haven't don't wreck and you'll be ok!!!
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