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Does anyone have these

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  • Does anyone have these

    I am really thinking of getting these gloves. Do any of you have them and what do you think?
    The lord is the only passenger I ride with

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    Just my opinion.....

    I wouldn't pay that much for a glove that's not all leather.. Some one on one of the sites (KR or KP) crashed in textile/leather gloves and they tore through..
    (The only injury to his hand was where the gloves tore)

    There are some great full leather, Kevlar re-enforced gloves out there for about 1/2 that price...

    Just my 0.02 (well $5 huh?!?!)


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      I had an older model of SP1 gloves. They lasted me two years and 20,000 miles, and were super comfy the whole time. You need to try on gloves with a sold knuckle piece before you buy one, I do not like the feel at the bend of my fingers. For $90, you can pretty much write your own ticket for gloves, shop around. I am currently wearing Joe Rocket HIghside 05 gloves. They have Pittards palms, and are the most comfortable glove I have worn yet (with respect to the held's with kangaroo). Look into the Teknic glove in the $110 range, it has all the features of the AS one you showed, plus the kangaroo palm, worth every penny.



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        I had a pair of textile gloves I sold to Taz at the rally. Not that brand, but all in all, they generally hold up pretty well for a season or 2 and need replacing.

        I'd probably not pay that much for non full leather gloves either. You can get nice JR phoenix, rocket, etc.. good leather gloves for warm weather riding for half that much.


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          Are those textile? It looks like everything except for the cuff is leather (natural and synth). I would guess that there is leather under the cuff as well. Personally I have been impressed with Alpinestar stuff. I do not think that you would be disappointed.


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            This is a pretty old thread so maybe its of no use anyhow but........

            I have those gloves in black/black. The only part that is not leather is on the top of the forearm piece where the big A* logo is. And the wrap around part is leather.

            I have had them all summer and they still look new. They wear very well and they are comfortable. One thing I noticed on long rides however is that my throttle wrist will get a little tired on the hard corners where your on and off the gas for several miles.

            Overall, they were well worth the $$$ paid for them.