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Best place with shipping to Canada ...

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  • Best place with shipping to Canada ...

    Hey gang ... I am looking for a place that will give me the best prices on a Joe Rocket Mesh Jacket AND offers shipping to Canada (unless the place is already in Canada)

    As always, your help is appreciated.

    Ridicule is the burden of genius.

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    A lot of places will ship to Canada, you just need to avoid those that use UPS.

    Do you mind crossing the boarder?

    There's a place called US address 5 minutes from the lewiston crossing. You go down and sign a persmission form, then for $5US per package or $120 yr you can "use" thier address.

    I had my tires shipped there from Ronayers and saved well over $200.

    I've got thier card somewhere, I'll post the info once I find it.


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      Thanks Kyle ... post the info when you find it and I will consider that for my tire needs in the future.

      I have found a place on e-bay with a decent auction on a RIO jacket that will ship to us in the white north ... currently in a huge heat wave.

      Thanks again.
      Ridicule is the burden of genius.


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        U.S. Address
        3909 Witmer Road
        Niagara Falls NY


        website sucks, half the links are dead, but the directions are right.

        The only problem is if you paypal the addresses won't match, and most guys say they only ship to the address listed in the paypal invoice. When I ordered my tires I just gave Ronayers my MC number and used the US address and it went through without a hitch.


        On a local forum there is a customs agent who rides and they did warn me to make sure you don't try to BS the amount an item is worth.

        I declared my tires for the value I paid (had invoice) and only paid $19 in taxes on my tires, so it's not really worth the risk for $20. They can and will seize your stuff if you piss them off lol. I guess they've had guys try to pass of $800 race fairings as a $50 purchase .

        BTW Beaverdam is a good forum for local stuff, road conditions, deals and so on.