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Leather suggestions for a big rider?

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  • Leather suggestions for a big rider?

    I'm looking for suggestions for pants that would fit me. I have a 34" to 36" inseam. Having a hard time finding anything.

    Also, any suggestions in a QUALITY jacket for HOT weather (quality meaning SAFER/TOUGHER if I go down)? It's constantly over 100 degrees where I live (Vegas) but I don't like just wearing a t-shirt like most of the riders I see here......

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    I would get hold of Sinfulf4i. He lives out there where you are at. I bet he could get you hooked with some gear. I personally like the Shift jackets for hot weather. They are made out of different material than the Joe Rockets. They also come with the hard armour in the shoulders and elbows. My wife has one and she really likes it.