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Big and tall Jackets?

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  • Big and tall Jackets?

    I've been looking for a jacket for some time now but have not been able to find one that fits well. Most of them are very short on me or very very tight. I reach forward and it feels like I am going to rip the shoulders apart. It kind of reminds me of Chris Farley doing fat guy in a little coat. I guess I just don't have the build of an "average" motorcycle rider. (6'4" 260 lbs.) Does anybody have any suggestions?

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    my brother is 6'5" and 310#. He has very wide shoulders too...he ended up getting this jacket and it fits him fine....i think he ended up getting the 4XL....typicaly the joe rocket fits the bigger guys more, and the alpinestars fits more of the skinner least thats what im told.


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      I'm 6'4" 240 and have an XL Joe Rocket Atomic Jacket. I felt the same way you did with most other jackets-too short and not enough room in the shoulders. I tried on several jackets and the atomic seemed to fit my size and shape better than all the rest. It was a little longer and plenty wide for me.

      New enough has these jackets on clearance for $69

      Good luck!
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        lose weight! lol...just kiddin'
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          I'm 6'5", and big around the middle, and I have a Joe Rocket textile jacket, 4x. I tried on there 4x mesh jacket though, and that was defiantely a lot shorter. I'll take a pic of mine when I get home tonight and post it up. It is comfy, has armor, and zip open/close vents.
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