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    I am thinking of getting a Scorpion EXO-1000 helmet here in the near future..anyone have or had one that can share some reviews about it..?

    Main reason I am looking into getting it is because I have a big melon..(7 3/4 in a NewEra fitted ballcap) and I have a Shark RSi ? that is XXL in size and would say that it is just about how I like it after its broken I would say that the visor features are pretty cool..I have a tinted visor that is real nice but sucks at I like the dual thingy
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    i have the exo 400 and like it a lot. very good quality for the $. it fits my head perfectly and is very comfortable. you should definitely try on ANY helmet before you buy it though as some just don't fit some peoples head.


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      Make sure you try one on. I really liked the scorpion helmets untill i tried them on. For my head shape they didn't fit right. I always had tight or "hot spots" no matter what size I tried.

      The EXO-1000 felt as if it ran smaller than some of the other models.

      I tried most of the popular brands/models. I ended up with a XL Shoei X-Eleven. Way more than I wanted to spend but it fit the best. The other shoei's are made for rounder skulls.


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        Love my EXO-700. Wish I had the $$, I would have gotten the 1000. Pump up surround to fill the gaps, slide down sun visor... very kewl. But, yeah, what that guys said: Try one on to make sure it's a good match first.
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          i have had mine near a year now. i love it, but like the others said, try them on. they go on very tight and then fit well if your head is shaped right for it. the pump surround on the 1k makes the fit better. the visor is the best feature on the helmet. wind noise is minimal compared to many other helmets.

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            if your head is that big, good luck getting one to fit. I found that they fit small. I'm a med/large depending on brand, but the exo 1000 I needed an xl to fit.
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              I am very happy with my exo 400. Disclaimer: I wore a crappy old Fulmer for a couple years so anything would have been an improvement. My buddy said he would buy a Scorpion cause he has seen guys wearing them on the track, but never saw a guy on the track wearing a shark. Decent ventilation and I agree with the easy-removal of the visor and the low amount of fogging up. A medium Fulmer was too tight for my head and the large Fulmer was kinda loose. Go figure I got the exo 400 in an XL. I think I wear a 7-5/8 hat? and have a tall/skinny head. I like the fit. Have not tried removing the liner to wash it, but it is starting to get funky. 4 of 5 stars.


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                I have the 1000, and am very happy with it. I work 3rd shift, and ride into work when it is dark, but leave in the morning when it is daylight. I didn't want to mess with swapping faceshields every morning, so I went with the 1000. Very handy having the drop down visor to block out the sun. I'm happy with all the features on it, and they just came out with the new RPM designs on the shell, as well as the inner liner, which I like. Also, most online sites I have been to about them lately have dropped the price from $349 to $309, but I don't expect it to last too long. Might want to get one before they go back up. I would definitely +1 what everyone said about trying them on though. I went to the dealership and found the size I needed, then ordered it online and got it cheaper (and no sales tax!). The faceshields do change out pretty quick and with very little trouble. There are videos out there demonstrating the features they have, if you haven't looked into them already. Hope this helps.

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                  I'm quite happy with my EXO-1000 so far. The interior visor is a life saver on those sunny days if you forget your sunglasses.

                  If your on a budget I got an email from newenough the other day saying they had some EXO-400's on for $109 or so.


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                    I have the EXO-1000 and I am very happy with it as well. As woobie said, the integrated visor is a life saver. Much easer than putting on and taking off sunglasses. On very long rides the "pump" comes in handy as the helmet starts to fit a bit looser after several hours.

                    My wife has an EXO-400 and is very happy with hers. Much quieter than either of our HJC's or my O'neal.
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                      I really like my 1000 too, it is a great helmet.
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                        I have had the 700 for about 2.5 years now. No complaints with it. The fit is good for me and its reasonably quit compared to others. I bought mine because of the fit and the price.Get one that fits !

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                          I have the EXO-700. Great helmet overall. Good price.

                          If your dome is really 7 3/4 size then order an XXL. I have a 7 3/8 dome and the XL is snug.

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                            Just ordered mine, give feedback once I try it out. Been wanting one for a while.

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                              I have a 400 and a 1000. A helmet review is like reviewing your last girlfriend, the ride and fit is different for everyone. I love both of these helmets. It should be noted, that I tried on every damn helmet at the shop, as my wifey gave me a long leash on getting one. She wouldn't let me scrimp on cash when it came to that. I bought the 400, none of the spendy ones actually fit right. The 400 fit my head perfectly. Then last year, we went to the MC show up in the cities, and I saw the 1000 and fell in love. I bought it at the begining of the season last year.

                              I will say, it's louder than the 400, but I wear ear plugs so it doesn't bother me. The pump feature is cool, but it's a pita when it deflates if you bump it when opening the bottom vent. That, and when you forget to deflate it when taking it off (ouch). I LOVE the pump feature when my wife goes for rides, it conforms to her face better than the 400. But, I get stuck with the not-as-neat 400

                              The flip down visor is a whole new level of Cool! I feel like Maverick flying an F-14 with it down, 'cept I don't have a ninja. That, and I can look at bewbies with no one noticing The "click to draft" opener is a pain to use with gloves on, but it's handy to get some air flow, and get's easier to use in time. I think the 400 actually breathes air better than the 1000, but it's too close to call. The 400 is way lighter, and on high speed runs, does less buffeting.

                              I do find the inner visor is a pita to clean. It's my own fault though, because I like to drive at slow speeds with the outer visor up, so people can see the inner one. Wow, I'm vain - never mind I tend to pick bugs up on it.

                              Other than that, it's nice, as long as it fits. I'd be weary of buying a helmet online without trying it on first, though.
                              My wifey says she want's her own 1000, but I told her to go to the shop and try them all on. Knowing my luck, she'll opt for an $800 Shoei, because it's pink and makes her hoo-ha's look bigger, or some other excuse. I never win with that one

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