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Is mesh/textile good enough?

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  • Is mesh/textile good enough?

    bottomline im reallybroke, 17yo and have been riding for a couple years but only 1 month on the road. i was riding the other day and a lady almost swerved into my lane, almost pooed my pants, i need to know if a mesh jacket will really protect me in a crash, i usually never go faster than 65mph, remember im really broke...
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    A good mesh jacket is a whole sight better than nothing.

    Does your jacket have the impact inserts for shoulders/elbows/back? That's really going to take the edge off a slide, along with good gloves, pants, footwear.

    How's your helmet?

    Don't have to go real expensive to get decent protection. Iron Pony often has some good closeout items.



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      As long as you never go down, shorts and flip-flops will get the job done...

      Mesh/Textile could save you (depending on the crash), but doesn't, as a rule, survive the crash. Nothing works like good armour and leather.


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        thanks for the site, looks like im about to get suited up!
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          When I went down with my mesh jacket at about 50mph the armored areas in the elbow and back did just fine, as well as the textile portions, however the mesh area that contacted the pavement ended up wearing through. I still ride with mesh because I live in AZ and need the ventilation, but if you can get a deal on perforated leather that's the way to go.
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            Look on crieg's list, ebay the local thrift stores etc, get anything leather for now..
            Then save your pennies. Brocktoncycle has some smoking closeouts. Look online for all the motorcycle supply places and check on their close outs. I regularly find food quality leather jackets for under $120.. New enough has some decent deals but don't limit yourself..
            Other sites have better deals..


            Also dennis kirk closeouts can be really good..
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              I'd say go with Textile over mesh and leather over textile. I ride in FL, and die in the summer wearing black leather, but hey i like my skin.....any way.....

              I had a Cortech GS-Air textile jacket that was awesome, never had to use it thankfully, (I sold it to CustomCracker) when I bought a new jacket. But it seemd heavy duty enough to withstand a decent slide and had forearm, shoulder and backprotector in it. Also had a pile of vents I wore it year around with no issues....I think i paid $140 for it...Now they sell for over $200.....and for about 50-75 more you can get leather....So i guess it all depends on the almighty (which isn't too almighty anymore) buck!!

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                i got 2 jackets and both have hit the ground pretty good i got a alpinestars textile that is great had the removable liner and the armor built into the jacket it hit the deck where my right sholderblade is skid down the road bout 15-20 feet on my back then hit the ditch i was doin 70ish but i hit the asphault at about 40. th only thing that happen to the jacket was it ruffed up the outside didnt go threw cant even tell now. i also have a armored mesh that held threw me laying the bike over at 60 i also wear icon's kevlar reinforced pants thou which faird pretty good threw both wrecks. the mesh one was unwearable after i wrecked with it the textile i still have today.
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                  I had an Icon Merc jacket on when I crashed. I was doing 160 and ended up 30 or so feet from where I left the bike. I just sold that jacket a few days ago to a new would never know it was in a crash.
                  I actually posted pictures of me at the crash on here........

                  I just purchased a new leather jacket, hopefully I never get to try it out....
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                    Mesh is better than regular clothing, textile better than mesh etc etc. Point being, any gear is better than no gear at all. Definitely invest in a decent pair of riding boots with good ankle protection and a good pair of gloves.
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                      here's a reasonably low-priced jacket less than $60


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                        After having been "down" a couple of times too many, I don't ride without a leather jacket. Get one with a vent system and it's not as hot as you think.
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                          Leather is best, but mesh or textile is better than nothing. Right?
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                            I think it depends on where you are and the heat factor. Yesterday I had on a Teknics Textile with armor and it was drenched from shoulders to back. The jacket has a waterproof liner that does not come out and there are only 2 vents under the arms and one big vent below the neck. The waterproof liner does not allow for air to pass thru at all. I had the jacket fully opened. It was about 87 degrees here yesterday in Atlanta with humidity to boot. I am looking for a mesh with armor. I can't go to work drenched.
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                              a textile offers a whole lot of protection compared to nothing. and for normal street riding is often the better way to go. there is no substitute for leather. but for most bail and fall offs without impact textiles are going to be fine. just go with a nice one. another alternative you can think about for your lower body and i've heard of a few ppl doing it.. Hockey gear under your clothing . will help tons and for the most part is out of sight
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