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Chatterbox XBi2 -- first impressions

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  • Chatterbox XBi2 -- first impressions

    Kristy and I have purchased the Chatterbox XBi2 wireless Bluetooth intercoms. Neat little device. I already owned the FRSx2 intercom and loved it so it didn't seem like taking much of a chance. Yes there are better units out there, but I liked it. I believe I would like the XBi2 a little better if I'd never owned the FRSx2.

    First the good:

    Tiny -- It's very small and light
    Waterproof -- I am yet to test this but that's the claim

    Bluetooth -- You can wirelessly pair up to 2 devices in addition to the additional unit you wish to talk to.

    Adequate range -- If you can see your target, you can talk to it.

    Now the bad:
    Fidelity -- not real good and not much volume. It's OK with plugs on but the volume sucks.

    No VOX feature -- the helmet-to-helmet communication can only be achieved by pressing a button to open the channel. You then have to push a button to close the channel. BOOOO.

    Two units required for pilot to pillion com -- With the FRSx2, you only need buy an additional headset to talk to your pillion. With the XBi2, you must have a unit for each helmet. Not real cost effective if you wanna take multiple chix for rides.

    That's all I can think of for the moment. I am sure other positives and negatives will present themselves as I use them. I have decided to keep them just for the wireless ease of use. I might try to find a workaround for the lack of volume.

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    Thanks for the review.. Now I know I prob will not be getting

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      Any good tiny ones with VOX? It doesnt make sense that you would have to push to talk in this day and age.


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        None that I am aware of. But I haven't really researched it deeply.

        As I use this one, I am realizing I like the FRSx2 much better even though it's huge by comparison.

        I think if I get another set, it will be the GMRS2 with Bluetooth.


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          I am amazed that your XBI2 does not have good volume. My XBi could be heard just fine on my SV1000 with dual D&Ds.......

          I use my headset more for music now but do make the occasional call. I have to get the wife one here soon so I can talk to her now that she is out riding...
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