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  • ICON helmet fit

    It was time to junk my HJC and get a new helmet so I decided to go with ICON. My HJC was XL, and per the ICON sizing chart I should have been a L or XL. I bought the helmet in XL off ebay for a great price - alliance SSR Americana and it just arrived today.

    I tried it on, and it feels very very snug and it's a lot more narrow than my HJC. It pushes my cheeks in to where they scrape against my teeth, and the sides of the helmet rub pretty hard against my cheek bones when I try to take it off.

    I'm thinking this isn't a good fit. Has anyone else had an experience with ICON helmets running on the small side? They do sell replacement cheek pads that are 5mm smaller and maybe that'd help, but I"m afraid I should probably just try to sell this helmet and get a larger size. It's not been used on a ride yet, and I still have the original box, tags, and paperwork.

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    I got the very same helmet in matte black. I really thought the fit was accurate by their sizing chart. I did thing the cheek pads were a little tight at first, but they grew on me very quickly. But then again I was looking for a very sung fit since the last helmet I had was 2 sizes too big.
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      Yes, i also went from an hjc to icon. icons do run small. i like them because my face is narrower than average so the way they run are very well fitted for me. However, the helmet will break in very well after a few hours wearing it. Hope for the best
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        helmets should be real snug to almost uncomfortable when you first get them ..
        they all break in and get a bit looser with wear .. that said .. helmets and head shapes vary quite alot .. which is why you should always test fit them before buying
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          icon does offer different size pads you can put in, so if you want you can get some slightly smaller pads and see if that helps in the cheeks..
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            Great info everyone, thanks. I think my HJC was probably running a bit loose so the Icon will just take some getting used to. It's very snug, but it's not pressing against my forehead or giving me a headache. I'm going to order the smaller cheek pads though, I found them online for about $20.00.


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              I noticed that on AGV helmets too,very snug at first,my wifes icon was tight too,but the next size up on either was to big. go figgure
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                Yeah, odd because I heard somewhere that the same company makes HJC and Icon so if that's true you'd think they'd be sized similarly. I find the HJC to be more round and large while the Icon is narrower. I've read that Icon fit well on people with rounder heads than long/tall heads. I think my head is more on the long/tall side which is why it maybe feels tight. I'm gonna stick with it and break it in. I think the shell size at XL is right, so going to a smaller cheek pad and with some wear time it should be good to go.


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                  compare to my agv, my icon was a very comfortable lose fit. what I did to both my icon and agv is I modified the cheek pads by cutting away some extra foams. might want to try that and save you $20 beer money....
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                    i bought the airframe helmet and i wear a L shoei, but an XL icon. it fit very snug at first and took a while to get it broken in, but once it's done, it's awesome! it took me about a month straight of riding every day. now, i ride 30 miles one way, so it was actually about an hour a day. so, just preservere and you'll have an excellent helmet.