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My gear. What I have and dont have.

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  • My gear. What I have and dont have.

    I'll start from top to bottom. I wear HJC helmets. I have a CS14 MBII (silver and black) as a primary helmet and a CS12 (solid black) that I wear only on occasion. I love the HJC helmets. But, if there is a better helmet that fits as well and is as light, please let me know. I have a Nitro Euro jacket (silver and black) for cooler weather, and a Joe Rocket Pheonix mesh jacket (also silver and black) for warmer weather. I wear icon gloves for local riding and Tour Master Cortech Aramid gloves for longer and faster rides. And for boots...Joe Rocket Reactors. Light and comfortable. But, I have been unable to find pants that I like or that fit. I have a 33 inch inseam and a 30 inch waist. Any replies on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Later all...Be safe and wear your gear!

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    I've got me a set of dem Denim Jeans, I want to get leathers, but have not found a pair I like, I will probably go with the Joe Rocket Balisitc Pants. I have a all black JR Balistic Jacket (Can't remember what model), has the Spine Protector, Shoulder pads, elbow pads. I also have a HJC Helmet (once again, no idea what model number), With a big Jesus Sticker on the back. Glove wise I wear leather kevlar gloves. I plan on getting a Leather Jacket, JR of course, the Pants, and some REAL riding boots. Right now I just wear leather above ankle boots. And some gloves to match my jacket. Maybe that JR tank bag also that has the strap on it so you can throw it over your shoulder when you are off the bike as well.
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      Im liking those jeans alot myself. Leathers are so freekin expensive, and although you cant really put a price tag on your hide..but you can only do what you can do with ya got.

      I like the textile jacket and pants too.


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        Yeah , leather's expensive for sure . But good deals can be had . I got my Technic stuff from MAW (who SUCKS , if you haven't read my sig) for dirt-cheap . $100 for the jacket (Prowler perf leather) , $160 for matching pants . Was actually CHEAPER than the mesh stuff I bought last year . I imagine it'll hold up a little better in my next crash , too . If it's what you want , shop around .
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