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Joe Rocket Orbit Jacket

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  • Joe Rocket Orbit Jacket

    I ended up purchasing a Joe Rocket Orbit Jacket last week, and got it yesterday. Was looking at it and a Timax. But, the Orbit was a lot easier on the pocket book. I would say it is a pretty good jacket. Made out of a canvas, cotton textile material. Definitely wouldn't use it for real high speeds, and you'll be buying a new one if you hit the asphalt, but I think it's a GREAT jacket for commuting at speeds under 60-70. Has soft pads in the elbow and shoulder, then a harder removable one for the back. LOTS of nice pockets, a zip out insulated liner for cooler days. It does seem to breath pretty good. Had it on yesterday and it was about 95, and not really that hot. The feeling of it is pretty invisible.

    Picked it up at Trax Motorsports online ( ). Ordered it Friday afternoon, got it Tues. afternoon. Super cool people their, and couldn't find a better price.

    2002 R1
    Yoshi TRS exhaust, Undertail, Ohlins Steering Stabilizer, Dark Windshield, Frame Sliders.

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    nice jacket, congrats!
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