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Preventing Tank Bag Scratches

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  • Preventing Tank Bag Scratches

    Hey all, I want a magnetic tank bag for my Kat, but I'm afraid of scratching the shiny black paint.
    I was thinking of using clear vinyl static-cling sheet under the bag. I would also use this stuff on my side panels when I want to use my nylon saddlebags for long trips.
    Any suggestions?

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    I have a JR Manta tank bag with a total of 20 strong magnets (5 on each side, and front and back). It has never scratched my tank (the magnets are in fabric pockets).

    As long as you don't "slide" the bag off, you really should not have any issues.
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      Hi mate

      I had the same concerns as you so I use a non slip mate over the tank and put the tank bag on top of it. Done this for 5 years and no scratches to be seen.

      This is the sort of thing I use

      Hope this helps



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        I have a Manta as well, no scratches. I do take a bit of care when putting it on or taking it off the bike.
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          Thanks guys, I'll look into Manta bags.
          I have some of that non-slip stuff lying around - I use it in my toolbox to keep my tools in place. BTW, You can buy it (in different colors) at the dollar store, it's sold for kitchen utensil drawers.
          I just looked up Manta Bags, made by Joe Rocket, a good 'ol Cdn company! But they don't have a clear map pocket, so they're out.
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            I use the non-slip shelf liner for my tank bag and it works well. I think that there are two things that will help maintain your paint.

            First is to make sure that the bottom of your bag is clean. I do not leave mine on the ground and I brush it off before installing it. You also need to remember that the magnets will pick up things. Someone on here scratched their tank because their bag picked up a staple (I think it was a staple it may have been a paper clip) from their desk.

            Second (I think this is most important) do not drag the magnets across the tank when installing or removing the bag. Dragging them will dull your paint. It may not be instant but over time it will have an effect. I make sure that I lift my bag free when removing it and I drop the magnets straight down when installing it.


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              where did you purchase the non slip stuff I used mine 1X and was very careful w/ it and it did leave some fine scratches in the blk paint. I have thought of using something . I don't want anymore scratches

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                I picked up mine at Home Depot. I have also seen it at Walmart and Target. It is in the area with the shelf liners and organizers.

                Black is a tough color to keep scratch free. You may want to consider a clear skin like this one It is basically a plastic film that adheres to your tank. If you damage it you can remove and replace it.


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                  i second tank slapper. I know a couple that have it for the 919 and like it. can easily remove and reapply. Also make kits specific for your problem and resonable priced at that. *just noticed tank slappers website has a guy riding on the wrong side of the road.

                  I have the joe rocket manta xl and notice no scratches, i toss it on and pull it off via the handle. definately doesn't have 20 magnets in it, but they are strong. Just make sure you get the xl (if even is small), as the regular looks like large enough for a wallet and small camera.
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                    I have a Tourmaster Cortech tankbag,has never left any scratches or marks.It is 10 years old


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                      I've got a Nelson Rigg SSC-120 expandable magnetic tank bag and it hasn't resulted in any scratches to the tank yet. Like others have already said though, the magnets are aren't right against the tank, they're in their own little pocket. It also has the clear map pocket that you want too. Overall I'm very happy with the size, finish, and functionality of it, I use it as my lunch box for when I take the bike to work.
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                        I use my tank bag a lot, for me it is a must on long trips. I have used the non-slip mat and only had very minor scuffs the first time I used it. The key point is to use multiple layers of good quality wax, if you get a small scratch or spill fuel it will not penetrate the wax, worst case scenario; buff it out with a little more wax.
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                          My Manta XL put one scratch on the tank, and that was from an errant screw it picked up. (Better a little scratch on the tank, than to find said screw in a tire.)
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                            Usually it isn't the tank bag that's the problem... but the magnet will occasionally pick up small pieces of metal off the ground or floor, or wherever I set it down.

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