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New Gear on the way!

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  • New Gear on the way!

    Been spending a little bit of my hard earned combat pay lately! Since they now allow riding jackets over uniform items, BUT they have to be subtle and my current leather does not fit that description, I managed to score a new First Gear Rocker jacket, like this:

    Got it from new from a member of Maximum-Suzuki for $100 shipped and will use that for my "ride to work" jacket.
    Pathetic. That makes five dedicated riding jackets, not including the one piece winter suit. I spoil myself

    Also ordered me some new gloves from

    And some new SIDI Vertabra II boots, also from

    Yes! I used the "Donate to KR" option!

    The wife should be picking up my new Scorpion lid this week as well! She is picking it out, so I don't know which one I am getting, but it should be black and silver in color to remain true to my standard gear colors.

    Soooo much to do when I get back home! The Bandit list includes new tires, battery, fork brace, handlebars and risers, and undertail. The aprilia list is derestrict the air box, new fuel disconnect coupler, install new H-pipe for the exhaust, load a new MAP for the computer, and new smoke double bubble wind screen. I think the Katana and Ninja are good to go!

    7 more weeks to go
    MSgt, USMC (Retired)

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    Congratulations on your new gear. Also thank you for protecting us so we can sit around and b.s. about motorcycles without worrying about someone blowing us up.
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      Well with the new bike you would have to get new gear to go with it!!

      We will be glad to have you safely back at home!!!

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        I've got the same boots and gloves. You'll love them! I think out of all the gloves I've ever owned or tried on, the tourmaster robomax carbon gloves fit me the best!
        'He who is not afraid will always be safe'
        --Lao Tzu


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          I go through at least one pair of gloves a year and can't seem to find a set that the palm on teh left glove does not wear through. I have all kinds of right side gloves in excellent condition!

          Only reason I got the boots is because my wife does not care for my Oxtar boots due to them being mostly red. Oh well. Now I have two sets.
          MSgt, USMC (Retired)


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            Man oh man!

            I gotta get my wife to read this. Maybe it'll rub off on her, and she'll get me gear ..... or a new bike. 8)


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              Sweet deal on the gear dude.....sir....Msgt.

              Thanks for all you do. Now, get back and have some 2 wheel fun dammit.
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