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What to look for in riding boots

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  • What to look for in riding boots

    What are some things to look for when purchasing riding boots? I am looking for a good pair that will give me some protection with comfort. What do you use and what wouldnt you use? Thanks
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    Riding a Katana, I'd only get 2 types of touring...or sport.

    I have sport touring (they were cheaper) and have the normal protection (shin, ankle, more padding for the toe to shifting, sole indent for keeping the foot on the plasitc protection, gortex waterproof)

    Sport may or maynot have the above, plus added (plastic)protection for railing on the outside toes, and a higher form of protection for the ankles and such.

    Touring Sport



    The best brands IMHO are Sidi and Alpinestars, but there are MANY MANY brands out there....just buy the ones that are most comfortable for you, as most of them will provide more than adequate protection.

    (go try them on, then hit ebay or newenough)


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      It's important to fit your riding style. There's no need to spend $360 on top of the line race boots if you're not going to use them.

      However, style and need for protection work together.

      Get what you are comfortable wearing--if you can't have fun unless you know you have the "best", then get the best. If you leave your trick race boots at home because they're too stiff for your liking, then what's the point?

      Minimums (at least for me)

      Heel and toe protection
      Shin protection
      Ankle bone protection

      It is a MUST that they are over your ankle, and sturdy. Often overlooked is the necessity for a more "serious" closure system. You would be surprised at how many motorcyclists who are in accidents have their shoes or "work boots" fly off. Only riding-designed boots have these types of closures.

      Find the sweet spot between features, price, and your personal safety-comfort, and you're good.

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        And remember, if you cant afford the best.. ie Side, Alpine Star, etc..and u want a good boot.. ebay and also many other brands like nitro, firstgear, and rocket all offer boots at a reasonable price w/ all the basic protection... just remember, to try them on if at all possible, because so many are cut differently, especially if you have bigger calves.

        I have a pair of Nitro boots, very reasonably priced and fit well.


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          I've got a pair of Sidi Vertibra 2 boots. They offer good protection and are comfortable. I'd say definately try them on. I tried on several brands. I tried Alpinestars-seems like I was in-between sizes. The Sidis fit me the best. I got them from a dealer for $230. I thought these would be good for commuting, long rides, and occasional track days.
          So far these boots have been great.
          Here's a pic

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            But how can you be sure the size is right if you order online?
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